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Germs Flier Commission!


I was commissioned by the cartoonist Rufus Dayglo to rework an old punk flier by the great Gary Panter. An interesting gig, in that redrawing work by an artist with a style very different from your own kind of forces you to think about how they put ink down and why they make the drawing decisions that they do. An exercise best left to sketchbooks, I think, but I really enjoyed myself here.

Here’s some colour variations.

Germs Panter Flier yellow mix lo resGerms Panter Flier blue mix lo resGerms Panter Flier green mix lo resGerms Panter Flier pink mix lo resThat’s all for now.

Stay safe,


Boo To the Morlocks!


I recently added two new designs to my Redbubble shop.

This is ‘I’m On Team Morlocks!’

Blurb: ‘State your allegiance to H G Well’s loveable cannibalistic underclass from his novel The Time Machine. C’mon, who the hell seriously wants to be on Team Eloi? Go Morlocks!’


Because team Eloi sucks.

It’s slathered all over the usual range of merchandise and is available here:


Aaaand also there’s this;


Jump scare!


‘Don’t look up…don’t look up…Don’t look-

Jump-scare lady goes boo!

Are you terrified yet?’

It’s available here:


So, y’know, that’s your Halloween sorted.

All for now.

Stay safe.



Artlyst interview!


Hot on the heels of the Missed Deadline /Youtube film cames this: a Q&A interview I did for Artlyst .

It’s like a multimedia blitz!

Of two interviews!;


I actually finished it a few weeks back, but there you go. Questions were by multi-talented artist/musician/Resonance FM broadcaster Jude Cowan Montague, and it was a pleasure to waffle at length about stuff that matters. we did a radio show about Lovecraft and such a while ago, there’s a link at the end of the Artlyst piece. And watch that space, because Jude’s also lined up Rachael Ball and others for future slots.

Happy to have been involved.

In other news, the SKRAWL magazine got thoroughly Kickstarted to well over the stretch goals, so you will be seeing my ‘Clash Of the Behemoths‘ in print in the near future.

I’ll tell you more when I know more.

Stay safe


On Film! The Bad Bad Art short.


A few weeks back pro cameraman James Lloyd and Missed Deadline girlboss Jessica Kemp came around to the ink dungeon and filmed me working in the studio on the artworks I did for the Cartoon Museum fundraiser, and then chatting about them, and me, and other stuff.

The results have been edited into shape by James and can now be seen here:

Normally any footage of myself under any circumstances makes me curl up into a ball of solid embarrassment, this has not changed, but James and Jess have done a pretty fine job. It’s a fun little film. Obviously all the artworks have been sold now, but you can still donate to the Cartooneum’s justgiving fund here;


Or buy copies of The Bad Bad Place, (and make a donation) here:


That’s all for now

Stay safe


August update! The Bad Bad Artworks! SKRAWL fundraiser!


bad art 3

I’m just getting to the end of the Bad Bad Artwork marathon. A handful of pieces are yet to be fully rendered, but we are most definitely in the home stretch.

(Cracks knuckles, regrets cracking knuckles.)

All 50 copies of The Bad Bad Place have been sold and £1500 has been raised. There’s a down the tubes article on the thing here: https://downthetubes.net/?p=120137&fbclid=IwAR39KTtyugVK-qKa3Zs-7vCK65SB9CbAxze1RTo6BU4SRSTnghs6NH6bIYE

bad art 1

It’s been an interesting challenge, made more challenging by the strictures I set for myself, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Definitely want to do more watercolour  and coloured pencil work in future, and with the lockdown lifestyle any time spent away from a computer screen would seem to be time well spent at the moment.

bad art desk 1

Cheers to John Anderson of Soaring Penguin for his generosity with the books. And thank you to all who ordered a copy. They are all at my place at the moment, waiting to be assigned their bit of art. and sent out into the world.

The Cartoon Museum has, thankfully, just recieved a grant from the Heritage lotterry Fund which has put them on a steadier footing, but we’re not out of the woods yet. The Soaring Penguin site has a donate button in their shop, where (cough) cvopies of Meanwhile and The Bad Bad Place are available;


Also in need of your attention;

SKRAWL will be a decently-sized full colour UK anthology comic that I have hopped aboard at the last moment. Looks great, with a fine cover by fellow Meanwhile arteeste Martin  Simpson and contributions from Mark Hughes, Russell Mark Olsen, Nick Prolix, Pete Taylor, Gustaffo Vargas, Phil Elliott, Rosie Packwood, Matt Simmons and Jessica Lucas. with a two pager by John Reppion and Lucy Sullivan.

It has just started kickstater funding, and has already exceeded the initial £2,500 goal but achieving the stretch goals means more pages by me me me and others, and more work by guest artists.

So sling it a fiver. The Kickstarter’s here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/russellmarkolson/skrawl-comix-magazine

That’s all for now.


The Bad Bad 50 Painting Cartoon Museum Marathon Fundraiser! Monstropolis!


bad bad A6 sketches

As you might have heard, my home from home, the Cartoon Museum, which will likely remain locked down until September, is, (like many small museums without government or Arts Council support,) in desperate need of funding in these pandemic times, and a campaign to raise £150,000 is ongoing.

To help in this regard the fine folks at Soaring Penguin have donated 50 copies of David Hine and myself’s latest book The Bad Bad Place to the cause, and I, in my madness, have volunteered to create an original A6 piece of artwork for every one. The postcard-sized images are coloured pencil and ink on watercolour paper and depict characters from the book. The special purchase is available here, so spend money and receive art:


I am currently eight postcards into this marathon, and will keep you updated of my progress. It may get messy. The Museum’s fundraising page is here:


So give what you can, have a look down the back of the sofa. Sell a kidney.

Only if you’ve got one spare, mind.

Don’t go mad.

Down the Tubes article about the situation here;


Do what you can.

Also, this is Monstropolis:


Not sure I’ve finished tinkering with it yet.

It’ll be a print, eventually.

That’ll do for now.

Stay safe.



The News Agents Radio Show! More Merch!


The rather wondrous artist/musician/graphic novelist/broadcaster Jude Cowan Montague recorded a conversation with me on Wednesday, created and added a soundtrack to it, and it went out today as an episode of ‘The News Agents’ today on Resonance FM at 2.30pm. It’ll be repeated early Tuesday, but here it is on Mixcloud.

Kind of wince at the various factual errors I spout throughout, but very happy with Jude’s soundtrack, love to do it again.

Also; have added a couple of bits to my Redbubble page, here’s an image of the Surrealists favourite pulp character, the master criminal Fantomas;

Fantomas lo res copy

Here’s the link; https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/49654009?fbclid=IwAR0K-cOADr8BDOxjoK9em4AP0BHDV_e71i59lEkA8qdfej-C-voiPLaqTg4

And here’s ‘Up Jumped the Devil’- bit folky.

up jumped the devil lo res copy

Here’s the link:


That’ll do for now.

stay safe.


La Madre del Sangue!


Do you remember that time Mario Bava made David Cronenberg’s The Brood back in the 1960’s?


Less giallo, more mauve…

A pastiche poster produced to amuse myself, the result of a lockdown Italian movie binge. though the central image of the red dress and greenish babies has been with me for a while,who knows why these things stick?

Have uploaded it to my redbubble so you can get prints and such here:


Also: Will apparently be appearing on Jude Cowan Montague’s Resonance FM show The News Agents, talking about drawing H P Lovecraft, and other things. Will give you a link when I have it.

All for now.

Stay safe.





Witchy is a sketchbook drawing that I’ve expanded and coloured. Now turned into a Redbubble design in my shop. There’s a facemask option, so you can have a pair of mad starey eyes on the lower half of your face whilst you’re being socially responsible. Link here;


Update: Just off the board are a front cover for Entity Eye for a comic called Inversion, and a one-page autobio strip for a benefit book, about me being an idiot.  Details when I can give them.

Also out: The Rita Says and the Jerico Orchestra LP, LIve at Limehouse Town Hall, from Whose Records is out now, with design elements by me on the sleeve and label. It’s all classical avant garde music, if that makes sense, with futurist and modernist compositions from the early 20th century.

Check it out:


All for now.

stay safe.



Road to Ruin




This is a commissioned piece for a friend, who wanted to see my interpretation of John Holmstrom’s cover to the Ramones album Road to Ruin (coincidentally the first Ramones album I ever owned,) a fun gig, the above is digitally coloured, I also rendered a coloured ink version for his wall, as it were.

Anybody else wanting me to abuse the cover artwork of their favourite music for cash money, get in touch. I’m on twitter and instagram as @marxtafford


And stay safe.

Black Shuck.


Bad doggie.

Bad doggie.

Above is Black Shuck, or my version thereof. Black shuck or Old Shuck is a bit of British folklore, about which many a weird tale is told, part of the Black Dog strain of myth wherein supernatural canines are generally menacing portents of doom, bringers of actual doom, or occasionally ghostly guardians of the unwary traveller. I attended an all-day London Fortean Society event ‘The Haunted Landscape’ at Conway Hall back in 2017, ( link here; https://conwayhall.org.uk/event/haunted-landscape-2017/ ) which formed part of the research myself and David Hine did in the process of creating Lip Hook. during which Mark Norman gave  great talk about the subject of phantom dogs, I made notes and cherry picked my favourite bits to create this image, which, for lack of anything else to do in the lockdown, I have uploaded onto my Redbubble shop, so you can get yourself a print, or t-shirt, or whatever, of it here;



Stay safe.’

And be a wary traveller.


Eric Sommer Earth Day poster.


Rollup! Roll up! Stay home!

Rollup! Roll up! Stay home!

This is the hand -lettered version of my poster for the Eric Sommer/Maggie Monroe Earth Day live streaming gig happening at the Packing House, Connecticutt later this month. Eric and I met, virtually at least, through the Lucie’s Lounge events and the community of artists of all stripes Lucinda Seiger seems to gather together wherever she goes.

Mr Sommer saw my stuff and got hold of me to create art for this quarantine-friendly concert. How could I refuse? It’s not like I’m leaving the house these days… Even in a space suit…

Currently working on another folk print, a fun commission and a comic book cover.

I’ll shown you stuff when it’s showable.

Stay safe.


Commissioned Sketches!

A moonlit stroll in Dunwich

A moonlit stroll in Dunwich.

I’m now offering a commissioned sketch service through my Etsy shop, link here:




“I thought i’d offer the opportunity to commission original A4 ink sketches, similar to the two pictured, which I rendered for people prior to the Malta and Thought Bubble conventions last year.
Those were drawings of Lovecraftian scenes, but if you’d like drawings of any characters from Cherubs, the Man Who Laughs, Lip Hook or the Bad Bad Place, or want me to have a go at any other characters from the wide wide world of comics or literature, here’s your chance.
Sketches will be rendered in pencil, pen, brush and ink on A4 bristol board or thick cartridge paper.”

A flood in Lovecraft country

A flood in Lovecraft country

Look forward to hearing from you.


It’s In The Trees


New piece:



Apropos of nothing.

But whilst I’m here, Heavy Metal #298 is out next week, with myself and David Hine’s Bug House in it, link here. That’s my name next to Corben’s on the cover. Yup:


Aaand there’s now a commissioned sketch service available from my etsy shop:


That’s all for now.



Commissioned Paintings Now for Sale!


Alrighty, I’ve decided to offer a commissioned painting service through my etsy shop, link here:


Above is ‘Astro-Mariachi’, a piece I did for a mate’s birthday, ask for similar, ask for different, it’s up to you, here’s the blurb:

“I’m now offering a service of creating commissioned original acrylic paintings of pretty much anything you desire, on 20x20cm (8x8inch) canvas boards.
I’ve actually created these for years, largely as gifts for friends, and, for a limited time, as a service from an old website. Take the illustration as an indication of what I was often asked to make, it usually involved :
Two animals and a situation,
renderings of mythical creatures,
pop cultural mash-ups,
any and all gothic/lovecraftian weirdness,
parodies of art masterpieces
And so on. I generally avoided portaiture and caricatures, because attaining good reference material, and then a good likeness, proved more time consuming than it was worth. But if you want a mole reading Marx to a bumblebee, a mariachi Astro Boy, an aardvark in an X-wing, or the Bride of Frankenstein on a Studio 54 dancefloor rendered in vivid acrylics on sturdy canvas then I’m your man.
Ideal bespoke gift for the tasteful and refined, obviously.”


Elvis the Bronto-Sex Dolphin.


Have added, once again, to my merch empire;

Bronto sex dolphin vote copy

The spiel;

“Do your civic duty and register to vote, suggests Elvis, the bronto-sex dolphin, avatar of democracy, and wearer of lingerie.

Many have died and suffered earning you that precious right to express your political opinion at the ballot box. And if it takes a sexually ambiguous cetacean mammal/dinosaur hybrid to remind you of that legacy, so be it.”

Available on redbubble; https://www.redbubble.com/studio/promote/43858464?ref=uploader-to-promote

And teepublic: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/7539964-vote-vote-vote-says-elvis-the-bronto-sex-dolphin

Why do I do these things?

So that evil does not prevail.

That must be it.


Romantic Comics Poster, Kaiju Mayhem, etc!


Here’s a poster I’ve made for an event at the Cartoon Museum taking place next year, a follow-up to the Creepy Comics Evening which happened earlier this month, and went pretty well. We’re hoping it might become a regular thing, in which case you’ll see more of these:


Feel the love.

And here’s a page I’ve added to the kaiju strip I’ve been working on, kind of a mirror to a page posted here previously. I added it because the rhythm of the thing seemed off to me. it does its job. Have sent it to an editor or three, hope it finds a home;



Good news about Kangkangee Blues, thanks to the generosity of a good friend, it’s being reprinted, and will be available from the Cartoon Museum from the 10th january in the new year. and thereafter from whichever ink boutiques I can get to carry it.

And just recieved word that Bug House, the strip that David Hine and myself rendered last summer for Heavy Metal magazine will finally see print in the March 2020 issue. Whoop!

Also, I will finally get around to putting the art from Lip Hook and the Bad Bad Place up for sale on my Etsy shop, a task I keep putting off because it involves a day or two filling out internet forms and being hunched over a recalcitrant scanner. (Shudders.)

Aaand it looks like in the offing is a book collection gathering together all the strips and illustrations and such that, well, haven’t been collected before. Early days, so I’ve no idea of size or format or whatever, but the pan is on the stove and the onions are being chopped, as it were…

That’s enough for now,

Happy New year

An Evening of Creepy Comics! Poster and details.


Be afear’d

This is coming up soon at the Cartoon Museum:



An event i’m largely responsible for.

I’m deeply sorry.

Le blurb;

“The nights are getting longer, there’s a chill in the air, it’s the time of year when we all feel strangely drawn together. So why not draw together around the Cartoon Museum fire* in London, to talk about the ghostly, the ghastly and the eerie? Yes… It’s time for … An Evening Of Creepy Comics!

On the Wednesday 11th December, Morbid Mark Stafford (The Bad Bad Place), Chthonic Cathy Brett (Who Killed Jojo?), Necropolitan Douglas Noble (Jazz Creepers) and Diabolical Dan White (Sticky Ribs), unrepentant cartoonists of the uncanny one and all, will gather to discuss the wide wide world of creepy comics, in their various forms, from EC to underground, manga to mainstream, all manner of nightmarish sequential art will be ruthlessly dissected and assessed in gruesome detail.

In a slideshow. With some chat.

There will be drinks! There will be comics! Some of the drinks will be mulled! Sketching and signing will occur! The Cartoon Museum has spoken!

* There is no actual cartoon museum fire due to current regulatory standards. An imaginary fire can be rendered by a cartoonist upon request.”

Tickets can be ordered here:


Hope I’ll see some of you there.


The Bad Bad Book- sketches and such.

The cover.

The cover.

Well, that’s that then.

After Malta, Thought Bubble, the Mega City Comics signing and The Cartoon Museum event, I think we can say that the Bad Bad Place has been thoroughly launched. It should be available from all decent comics boutiques and sales sites seviced by Turnaround distribution. And is purchasable from Soaring penguin here:


At the Cartoon Museum launch myself and Mr Hine gave a little presentation about the book, its genesis and themes and such, with a slideshow, and I thought you’d like to see a bit of it. Here’s my first sketchbook pass at Ned;

bad bad sketch nedNed and Mutt and notes.

One of the things that became clear upon riffling through old sketchbooks was how concurrent the conceptual phases of Lip Hook and Bad Bad were. Pages of character designs for both books were thoroughly mixed up under the same covers, to the extent that a couple of cast members seem to have starred in both books. I now think of them all as bit players, like Peckinpah’s regulars, ready to be called upon for the next book. Ned pretty much pops up in Lip Hook with a hook on his hand. I like to imagine in his time off from featuring in our books he runs a junk shop in hastings specialising in maritime antiques and curiosities.

Here’s a misnamed Malise, amongst others;

Malise, young Ned and his parents.

Malise, young Ned and his parents.

The sketchbook phase is often done without much knowledge of how much each character will actually feature in the story. Ned’s parents only get a few panels, Malise takes quite large role, though not often looking quite as she does here….

Bit players; Bradley Clamp, a snot-nosed boy and a whole lot of ink:

Bradley Clamp and co.

Bradley Clamp and co.

Freehand dip pen scribbles that slowly evolved into an actual character, in a style that doesn’t really resemble that used in the finished book much. The episodic nature of the Bad Bad Place‘s construction meant that I didn’t know, say,  Bradley’s role in the whole thing. I wish could have another crack at the framing of those damn council meetings , looking back. too manyclose ups and mid-shots for my current liking. Bradley’ gammon face was alaways a pleasure to draw though…

Here’s a skew-faced Serena and , uh,…siblings:

Serena and the brood.

Serena and the brood.

There are a few key differences between Lip Hook and Bad Bad, despite their entwined conception. for a start, the new book is much more condensed, with the 10 page chapter constraints, (which we broke a couple of times,) meaning that we had to exercise a lot of control to fit the story in to the required space, it’s also a bit broader and more out there. Lip Hook takes place in its own little world, but it could all take place in ‘reality’, just about, given that a trippy fog hangs over everything and some of the cast are prone to visions. It’s like a story that takes place in mine and David’s memory of rural areas in the 1970’s and thereabouts.

The Bad Bad Place, on the other hand, has your actual supernatural craziness happening in the story, there’s weird creatures and a Brigadoon style apparitional house and strange business happening underground and a whole Lovecraftian flavour that would have been wildly out of place in the earlier book.

I love the tone of Lip Hook, but damn, those beasties is fun to draw.

Here’s some inks, first page of chapter eight. Hope this doesn’t give away much for those who haven’t read the beast:

Ned and Jenny inks.

Ned and Jenny inks.

The bit before the colouring and lettering, and after the thumbnails and pencils, obviously.

Loved drawing these two characters interactions, kind of sad to give them up. One of the effects of the book’s looong production is that I actually spent a lot more time on the pages of this than anything produced on a tighter deadline. I like this dip pen and brush wonky lined look I’ve ended up with right now, but it’ll evolve into something else eventually.

Thanks to John Anderson and Tim Pilcher of Soaring Penguin for making it happen, and the fine folks at Malta, Thought Bubble, Mega City and the Cartoon Museum for all their gracious help.

Haven’t scanned them yet, but all the pages, both pencils and inks are for sale, should you wish for anything.

Get hold of me via Twitter and Instagram as @marxtafford

Hope you like the book.

And, importantly, buy the book.

And then post about the book saying how damn fine it is.

So that other people buy it.

That’s all for now.



Thought Bubble! Bad Bad signings and launches!


the Bad Bad Place bookplate


Just back from the wondrous Malta Comic Con, ( just great, my favourite event of the year so far,) and about to head out for the mighty Thought Bubble in its new Harrogate location.

It’s all go.

Myself and David Hine will be largely dividing our time between the Self Made Hero Table and the Soaring Penguin table in the Ask For Mercy Hall. (love that name!)
Self Made Hero have us from 1.30-2.30pm Saturday and 12.30-1.30pm Sunday to sign Lip Hook and the few remaining copies of The Man Who Laughs
Soaring Penguin will host us 11am-1pm, 3-5pm Sat, and 11am-12, 2-4pm Sunday to sign new baby The Bad Bad Place.
I’ll also try to help out at the Cartoon Museum stand a bit.
I’ll have copies of Kangkangee Blues on me at all times, and maybe will leave a few with the Cartooneum. Just ask.
Be lovely to see you all.
Do swing by.
Above is the Bad Bad bookplate, limited edition, first come first served.

After that there will be a Bad Bad signing at Mega City Comics in Camden on the 15th November from 5- 6.30pm

And after that there will be another Bad Bad event at the Cartoon Museum on Wednesday the 20th, from 6-8pm, with a little talk/Q&A with Hine and myself, followed by wine and such.


Come to one! Come to all! get your books scribbled in!

Be lovely to see you!



Lucies Lounge Live! Kill or Cure! Leaping Lizards!


so… this coming Saturday 26th I’ll be doing 15 minutes at Lucie’s Lounge, a semi-regular evening of music and art hosted by Lucinda Sieger, £5 on the door, with my bit somewhere in there between performances, it’s easiest if I just copy and paste the info:

“The Bloomsbury Tavern
Upstairs Lounge
236 Shaftsbury Avenue, corner of West Central Street.
London WC2H 8EG
Saturday 26th October 2019
Doors open 7.30pm
Starting at 8pm
Entrance £5
ERIC SOMMER all the way from Boston ..
Eric Sommer Is a singer, writer and guitar player with a style that’s a cross between Billie Joe Shaver, Taj Mahal, Willie Porter and Steve Howe, delivered like a velvet hammer – Crown Royal poured over #2 sandpaper. With a unique set-up that generally includes 4-5 guitars, 3-4 small amps and a stompbox, it is guitar, slide & open tuning stuff wrapped around songs for people who care about things that matter: insane ex-girlfriends, shattered dreams and hearts, wrinkled shirts, bad coffee, flat tires, gas station hot dogs, dumb pets… and checkout lines.Steve Houser – Bay Area Music News, 2017�
“This multi instrumentalist bad boy could easily be a superstar in his own right but he seems to be under the spell of Holy Modal Rounders, Guy Clark and others that could have really made it but seemed to make a concerted effort not to. Mixing organic writing and playing skills with personality, he has what it takes to be a massive, under the radar treat. Singer/songwriter? Rocker? Folkie? He’s got all the bases covered and has back up in place to insure no errors are made. Killer stuff you really have to be a grinch to dislike, this cat is the real deal throughout. CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher / Midwest Record, Lake Geneva, IL 2016�
Eric recently won 1st Place at The Piedmont Guitar Challenge held in Greensboro, NC as well as at the IBC in Memphis and his latest record “Brooklyn Bolero” is sitting around #3 on the Roots Americana Charts.
My Little Home Town: https://soundcloud.com/eric-sommer/01-little-home-town
Red Dress: https://soundcloud.com/eric-sommer/red-dress-1
Cereal Song: https://soundcloud.com/eric-sommer/cereal-song
Holiday on Mars:https://soundcloud.com/eric-sommer/holiday-on-mars

Hide Takemoto graduated from the prestigious Guildhall School of Music as a Bachelor of Music, Postgraduate Diplomas in Music Performance and Composition in 2006 and started performing in the U.K., Europe and Japan.
Hidè’s guitar technique can be traced back to the legendary Andres Segovia to Francisco Tárrega.
Hidè’s wide influences come from classical, rock, Indian, Spanish, Celtic and Japanese music, allowing him to collaborate many musicians including Hibiki Ichikawa, Kuma Harada, rie fu, Hasiken and many more.

Math Jones returns and brings his stunning poetry back into this special space. Hold your breath and close your eyes and listen. Stunning work and a wonderful performer who will take you back into time and forwards into space.


https://soundcloud.com/math-jones… “

All sounds good to me. Hope to see you there, I’ll be mainly talking about, (and selling if possible,) Kangkangee Blues, but anything and everything else may turn up…

Also, have added couple of new designs to my Redbubble store, In my mission to turn every random sketchbook doodle I have produced over the years into a wearable thing. Or a mug, or a shower curtain…  Here’s Leaping lizard!

eightball lizard lo-resWhich is available here;


And this is Kill Or Cure:


Which is available here;


I have also taken the time to rejig and rework some of the older designs in my shop, so it’s worth having a look around.

That’s about it, I have just over a week to go until Malta con, so getting ready. I’ll be at the Cartoon Museum in the afternoons of Thursday 24th and the 30th October, until 8pm, should you wish to meet, or get a copy of Kangkangee Blues.

Anyone wanting to commission me for sketches ahead of Malta or Thought Bubble can reach me through Instagram or Twitter, where I am @marxtafford

That’ll do for now,


The Lakes 2019! Other stuff!


This weekend (October 11-13) I’ll be at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, largely manning the Cartoon Museum table, with Alison Brown and others promoting the museum and distracting children in the vein of the old Family Fun Days.  Our table is in the Westmorland Shopping Centre, quite a way from the centre of the action, so to speak, so I hope some of you make the effort, I’ll have copies of the Lakes-launched Kangkangee Blues, Lip Hook and the Man Who Laughs to sign and scribble on, as well as original art to sell, and some bits of small press I’ve recently printed myself, for the occasion:


sketchy lil' books

The event itself is looking great , and I’m hoping there’s time to catch a few panels and exhibitions over the weekend, as well as snagging copies of the new books by Rob Davis and Lucy Sullivan, amongst others,

See you there

On the boards recently, some design work for a friends record label, and ‘Clash of the Behemoths‘ an 11 page monster strip, which I’m pitching around right now. Here’s a page:


After the Lakes I’ll be preparing for the Malta Comic Con, which will, hopefully see copies of the Bad Bad Place on sale for the first time. Events around that book are being planned for November….

Watch this space.

That’s all for now.


September update! Lakes! Malta! Thought Bubble! Radio!More!


After a summer in which I drew a fair few pages, but did a whole lot of nothing else, my Autumn shedule looks to be a sudden flurry of  activity.

So to confirm, convention-wise;

I will be at the Lakes International Comics Art festival, where a limited print run of Kangkangee Blues will be effectively launched, largely through the Page 45 room in the Clock Tower, I believe.  I suspect I’ll be spending a sizable chunk of my time at the Lakes helping out at the Cartoon Museum table. not sure yet. But I am sure that KKG Blues is a beautifully printed thing, because my copy arrived a week back, and I’ve been showing it to every bugger I can since. Issues are limited but they should be available from Page 45 and a few select shops after that.

Here’s the LICAF site:  https://www.comicartfestival.com/?fbclid=IwAR1WtPX_vwnifDM-0lEMyTFNXD1I0JFCF8Bvbr_q0j5_6OQdy19fmDM1_4s?fbclid=IwAR1WtPX_vwnifDM-0lEMyTFNXD1I0JFCF8Bvbr_q0j5_6OQdy19fmDM1_4s

After that I’ll be at delightful sounding Malta Comic Con, with copies of KKG Blues, and hopefully The Bad Bad Place book, fresh off the presses. All very exciting, though I hear the convention contains an unnesassary amount of Karaoke. Be afraid. Site here;


And after that I’ll be at the Thought Bubble Festival at its new location in Harrogate. Where The Bad Bad Place book will get it’s big push, so to speak. I’ll be at the Soaring Penguin table, come find me, though I’m not sure myself and David Hine are listed here yet;


Other than the conventional, I’ll be appearing as a guest at the 12th September meeting of Laydeez Do Comics to chat, largely about the two new books, but generally about a life in ink. 6-8pm, it’s free, but there are limited spaces, so book here;


Aaaand also David Hine and myself will be on Resonance FM this Saturday as part of Alex Fitch’s Panel Borders show at 4.30pm, this will be a broadcast of our rambling Cartoon County appearance early this year. So that should be fun. Or terrible.


Other than that there will doubtless be a Bad Bad event at the Cartoon Museum, probably just before the Malta Con, but details have yet to be finalised.

It’s all go.

On the boards; I’m currently colouring a monster 11 page strip for no fixed abode. Also doing a bit of design work for a mate’s record label, and having a stab at colouring a page of someone else’s work for a change, and a challenge.

All will be revealed.


That’s all for now,


Drawing at the LFCC! Good news about Kangkangee Blues!

Alrighty there.

So over this weekend I’ll be attending the London Film and Comic Convention on the Cartoon Museum table, where I’ll be looking pretty and drawing stuff, mainly pages of a new strip, as well as signing anything you ask me to sign, sketching anything you ask me to sketch,  selling original art and any old small press I can scrape together. David Hine’s at the same con, doubtless with copies of Lip Hook and The Man Who Laughs, which I’ll happily doodle in for you, regardless, come by and sell hello.

Also on the table(s) there will be gentleman Chris Geary, the indefatigable Alison Brown, and, on Saturday only, the faaabulous Artists and Models Collective for some mini-life drawing sessions, all in aid of promoting the Cartooneum in its inky mission. We’re opposite Rob Liefeld’s table (don’t laugh,) find details here:


Update: Went swimmingly, especially the life drawing on the Saturday which was a big success, the same day I took part in a bit of foolishness with Bleeding Cool, and fellow guests Mark Buckingham and Mark Russell link here;  https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/07/28/annual-marks-in-comics-panel-2019-london-film-comic-con-mark-buckingham-mark-stafford-mark-russell/?fbclid=IwAR2LVIKKJrqcjJKyjOnY2g7DmikHw2P4W

Also, good news on the Kangkangee Blues front, I have recently received news that my bittersweet lil’ Korean love story is going to get a small print run through the good graces of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Which makes me very happy. More details when i have them, but it looks like I’ll be guest at the Festival this year, just before Malta and Thought Bubble, all in short order. I hope I survive. Loved The Lakes last year, and the wondrous Junko Mizuno is a guest this time, so this all sounds delightful.

Website; https://www.comicartfestival.com/

Update here’s a link to the announcement; https://www.comicartfestival.com/news/marks-staffords-comic-kangkangee-blues-be-published-licaf?fbclid=IwAR1ybFapngQgQ7MtmaNALTP3xxJ6cy3W-laTaVAffmE7EwCBWa4SxEsVPM0

Thanks to John Freeman for the write-up, and Julie Tait for giving it the nod, have been communicating with the printer today, so will doubtless have more to tell you in the next post.

Aaand here’s another page of the Blues:

KKG 13english version

That’s all for now.


The ‘Moody’ shirt! On sale now.

Moody demon dark web version


Found an old sketchbook page of a little demon expressing his dizzying emotional range, and, as is my compulsion these days, I’ve turned it into a t shirt design, or rather, two t shirt designs for you, yes YOU! To wear: the above version is the dark version, but a light background variation is also available. I’ve uploaded both versions to both merch shops, Teepublic and Redbubble. See what works for you, cash and postage-wise.

Should that be your bag.

Here’s Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/marxtafford70/works/39940546-moody-dark-version?asc=u&ref=recent-owner

Here’s Teepublic: https://www.teepublic.co.uk/t-shirt/5274844-moody-dark-version?store_id=212862



Chicken Killer!


A true tale of trueness…

Though the facts may be entirely different.

Buy a baby! Che Marley shirt!

laughing baby-grooming


Have just added this piece to my Etsy store. It was a sample bit of illustration  for a book by Caspar Addyman, an infantologist mate I know from my Brixton years. The book was is to be called The Laughing Baby, a non-fiction tome about, well, the laughter of babies coming out through Unbound, but, late in the day it was decided they hadn’t budgeted for illustration, which was a bit of a bugger, was quite looking forward to the change of mode. Buy it here;


Also, have added this cheeky design to my Redbubble and Teepublic sites…

che marley copy

Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/marxtafford70/works/39480845-che-marley?asc=u&ref=recent-owner

Teepublic; https://www.teepublic.co.uk/t-shirt/5049464-bob-guevera?store_id=212862

Have a look around, have quite a few designs up and I don’t think I’ve plugged them all here.

Work update; have produced a one page strip or three that have will find a home in a future project. I’m writing a second draft of a long-gestating book, and starting to collate and edit The Bad Bad Place pages for the collection….

Hopefully there’s good news on the Kangkangee Blues front coming soon and all.

That’ll do.





Have been rendering a fair few one page things recently, and then worrying about where they’ll go later.

This is financially unwise, as I have discovered.

Must stop.


The Artist.


the artistBit of sketchbook fluff.

April Update! Heavy Metal! Alisik Cover! etc!

Alright there.

Been a while.

So, here’s a thing, the cover to Alisik#2, a Titan comic that came out in February last year, and which I rendered long before that. Unfortuately nobody told me it was out when it was actually on the racks, otherwise I would have plugged it then. But here it is now.

The interiors were all work by  Hubertus Rufledt and Helge Vogt telling a teen gothic affair in a somewhat Tim Burton mode. The cover for the first issue was rendered by the fabulous Junko Mizuno, which is pretty cool company to be in.

Here’s the art unadorned by any graphics:

Alisik cvr copy

Aaand whilst I’m uploading art, here’s a cover for a nonexistent book.

Unfortunately I have been informed that book covers for books that exist pay considerably more than book covers for books that don’t.
It’s a cruel world.

This is actually an old piece that I never did anything with that I was scanning for possible sale, and couldn’t help playing with.

Must stop that.



Did I just mention then that I have original art for sale? Well, I do, in an Etsy shop. Not much posted as yet, but  all available pages from Cherubs! and The Man Who Laughs and such will eventually be scanned and put here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MarkStaffordArtworks?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=679046923

So go spend money.

Also, there’s a new selection of tshirts and such at Teepublic for your delectation:


Actual comics work-wise, I have just sent off the art for a twelve page strip called Bug House, written by mister David Hine, and due to come out in a future issue of Heavy Metal magazine. This fact makes my inner 15 year old very happy, and I put an insane amount of work into it. More will be told when more is known.

All other work is currently in a nebulous state between existence and non-existence, it may come to fruition, it may not. I have Schrodingers workload.

I can say for sure that the Cartoon Museum is finally re-opening at its spiffy new Wells street location in late June. Nine weeks time or thereabouts, and I will be involved in my ongoing, ever vaguely defined role as cartoonist in residence.

Bloody marvelous

All for now.


Art for Sale! Etsy shop now online! Lip hook T-shirt! Other!


Lip Hook video

Well the headline says it all, I’ve set up an Etsy shop to sell original artwork and here it is:


Not much there so far, but at some point I will upload a couple of hundred pages from Cherubs! and The Man Who Laughs and the like, and add some kind of commission a painting service. Go spend money.

Aaaand the above image is available on a t shirt and such from my Redbubble page, it’s  kind of an alternative universe image, where Lip Hook was a straight to video horror movie that surfaced in the early eighties, not entirely sure about it, so it may only be available for a while….


On the work front, it’s early days, but it looks like me and Mr David Hine will have a piece in an upcoming issue of Heavy Metal, which will make my inner 14 year old very happy.

Aaaand it’s a way off, but the Hine/Stafford tag team of terror will be appearing at the Uppsala Comix 2019 Festival in Sweden. to push our wares courtesy of Self Made Hero at the end of March. never been to that Sweden, and really looking forward to this one. Site here;


Aand have rendered the cover for the Guernsey-based comics anthology ZONE#3 which will be coming out early March .

Also near finishing an eight pager called INTERNAL which i’ll be shopping around. very happy with it. Anyone with an anthology and a budget get in touch…

Think that’s all.

It’ll do.



Dragon Chick Merch! Bad Bad Book first peek! Cartoon County!


dragon chick t copy

Have just added this design to my Redbubble page, so you can all wear her, the possibly problematically named Dragon Chick. Also available with black background. find her here:


Aaaand also, here’s your first look at the cover to the book collection of The Bad Bad Place, arriving at some point, hopefully later this year, from the fine folks at Soaring Penguin:


Aaaand myself and mister David Hine will be heading down to Brighton for a  Cartoon County event, where we’ll be interviewed by Alex Fitch about Lip Hook and other things. It’s on the 28th of January at the Southern Bell, Waterloo st., Hove. we’ll be there from around 6.30pm onwards, and it would be great to see you, but if you can’t Alex will doubtless record it for broadcast on his Panel Borders Resonance FM show.

here’s the Cartoon County site : http://www.cartooncounty.com/serendipity2/

Righto, other things are up in the air at the moment, so I can’t really plug them here yet, but I’ll let you know when I can let you know…

That’s all for now.


Time Traveller’s Ball poster.

Fun gig;  this poster for a night out in Newcastle commissioned my mate Lee Fisher,
Go cut a rug! Looks to be fun.

Will be risographed in two colours. intrigued to see how it turns out.

Time Travellers Ball poster

Swamp Witch.


She’s witchy. It’s swampy.

She’s a swamp witch.

Don’t know what else I can tell you.

Worked up version of an old sketchbook idea.



Lip Hook London Launch! Sketches!

LipHook graphic copy

Alrighty, the London launch for Lip Hook is this Friday at Gosh, 7-9pm, so I thought I’d share some more odds and sods from my files. Above is an early cover concept, created long before the book had taken proper shape in either David or my head. I was into the idea of making it look like decidedly foxed old  horror paperback for a while, which also explains this one below , with an early version of Falcon before she was falcon, hiding from something in the murk. Note the headphones, at this stage it was possibly going to be set in the present day, or at least have a thread about technology that didn’t work in the village:

liphookpitch2 copy

Next up; some carnival/festival characters from my sketchbook that didn’t really happen in the finished piece, not looking like this anyhow. I found this page after I’d finished the book and remembered those floating paper sculpture beasts. Wish I’d found a use for them. Ah well…

lip hook festival sketch copy

And here’s some townsfolk and houses. I wanted to give most of the villagers a similar look, like the gene pool down there is pretty shallow. A lot of jug ears and potato faces and wide spread eyes, but when you’re actually doing the pages and making sure the readers can tell the sodding characters apart the emphasis changes and it doesn’t really work out like that.

lip hook sketch2 copy

Okay, here’s an early sketch page where I was trying to find Cal and Falcon and Sophia, (though she might have been Magdelana at this time,) all those Sophia notes hold true for the book, save for the animal prints. That’s a scribbly pass at Vincent in the bottom right corner, when he was essentially warren Oates in ‘Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia‘ and before he became Klaus Kinski in ‘Fitzcarraldo.’ It’s all about the white linen suits. :


Right, this one’s a cemetery scene I pictured happening between Cal and Falcon. Doesn’t occur in the book, but everything in it does, somehow. Cal’s striped jumper and photography habit ended up migrating to Jenny’s boyfriend in The Bad Bad Place somehow. Though you can still see a camera ’round Cal’s neck in his introductory scene.

liphooksketch4 copy

Aaand last one: this is actually from our Arts Council application, and shows our ‘pitch’, as it were. The lower left displays a lot of ideas for the insectoid sculptures that Cal’s mother obsessively makes, I wish we’d made a bit more of them.to be honest. Or rather, I want to make them myself, now. And lower right in colour is a dream image that i badgered David about endlessly that just had nowhere to go, and will probably become a print sooner or later.

lip hook arts app sample page 2 copy

That’s it for now, here’s a link for the launch on Friday, with David and myself and the wondrous Rachael Ball (with Wolf,) and the wonderful Ian Culbard (with His Collected Lovecraft novellas) in attendance to sign and sketch. Do come if you can; https://www.facebook.com/events/610586749339531/

Also a reminder that Meanwhile#9, featuring the penultimate chapter of the Bad Bad Place amongst other goodies has just hit the shelves and is available from Soaring Penguin directly: http://soaringpenguinpress.com/product/meanwhile-9

Reviews for Lip Hook have been great so far, but I won’t link to them here yet, through a combination of modesty and laziness. This interview Olly MacNamee did with Dave and me on Comicon.com is pretty damn good though; http://www.comicon.com/2018/11/15/talking-to-david-hine-and-mark-stafford-on-folk-horror-pagan-cults-new-gn-lip-hook/?fbclid=IwAR3AQzWtG_6qgvN1rd1D3EZH20Vj70OL4fbHpSni7EoyhkaJ74LEWOTNJTo

Aaand there may be news on the Korean Komik front. Next time, next time.





New piece. Hmm… may revive Scenes From Books I Have Not Read as an ongoing thing.

Update: Lip Hook has been printed and looks and feels damn fine. after the Lakes events there will be a London launch party/signing, with me and David Hine attending, alongside the splendiferous Rachael Ball, whose new book Wolf I’m very much looking forward to getting my paws on. Tell you the date when i know it.

Other irons are in the fire.


Lip Hook at Lakes

Alrighty there. David Hine and Myself, along with talented buggers Dan Berry and David Gaffney, will be on a panel about artistic collaboration in comics, Sunday 14th at the Lakes International Comics Art Festival, Link Here;


But we’ll be there from the Friday, signing and sketching the freshly printed Lip Hook at the Self Made Hero table, on and off over the weekend. do seek us out.

And while I’m here, I recently uploaded a new design, ‘meet me at the crossroads’ to my redbubble page, here ye go;


go spend money.


Lip Hook Completed! Much rejoicing! Cups runneth over!

Hello there.

Sooo… as of a week or so back, Lip Hook, my latest collaboration with David Hine, went off to the printers, it’ll see shelves in October. That’s after 14 months or so of frenzied work, and, especially in the last couple of months, serious doubts on my part that I’d make it over the finish line. It’s complete now, 161 story pages, hardcover. Much praise needed to Emma, Guillaume, Dan, Txabi and all at Self Made Hero who helped us get the thing done.

It will launch officially at The Lakes festival, Mr Hine and myself will be in attendance.

Here’s a page of bits that might have been on the back cover, the last one made it:

Lip Hook strips

It’s an odd thing, but once you finish a book, you’re occasionally haunted by the ghosts of the book it might have been. David and myself have been knocking ideas for Lip Hook back and forth for years now, some went in, some didn’t, and many mutated alomg the way. It started  with the case of Magdelana Solis, as read about by my teenage self in Colin Wilson’s Encyclopedia of Modern Murder. I’d long forgotten the exact details, but the idea of a two con-men, a pimp and a prostitute convincing half the population of a small, isolated Mexican village that they were, in fact, Incan Gods or thereabouts* stayed with me. What, we wondered aloud, some time after The Man Who Laughs had launched, if we took the basic set up of that case and relocated it to … somewhere in England? To go a bit folky and Olde and Weirde and Nigel Kneale with it, have a bit of a psychedelic religious apocalypse happening surrounded by hanging baskets and tutting old ladies?

What we’ve ended up with is, inevitably, different from where we started, the actual business of telling a story demands that some elements stay in and others fall away. Page space demanded that I could only render so much of the world that filled my head and my sketchbooks, whilst Mr Hine’s imagination meant that I created so much more. I bloody loved drawing these characters, and would have happily rendered another twenty, thirty, forty pages, but sanity and scheduling prevail. Lip Hook is what it is.

That said, here’s some bits of other Lip Hooks;

First up- two credit pages, unused, but originally planned as part of a kind of ‘title sequence’ that would lead into the story; one has been repurposed as the endpapers.

Lip hook unused credit pages

And here’s a couple of sketches of the church that is a major setting for the story, quite liked the idea of the reverend gloomily peering out at the village from the scaffolding that permanently surrounds its crumbling tower, patching trowel in hand…

Copy of lip hook church sketch2 copy

Two views of the village, that’s the character that would become Cal, our teenage protagonist, in the Dennis jumper. Transport links from Lip Hook leave much to be desired…


More village scenes. The insectoid scuptures would turn out to be the work of Cal’s mother in the story. It’s not a David Hine tale unless those bugs worm their way in… My gig at the Cartoon Museum has played a massive role in the art produced for the book.  A fair amount was actually drawn there, but above that my concentrated exposure over the years to the works of Searle and Giles and Pont and such really paid off. Comics culture in the UK tends to skew heavily towards American and Japanese influences, the Perishers and St Trinians and their like seem to be disappearing in the rear view mirror. part of that vanishing world of British cartooning that belonged in Punch, a magazine that I only encountered as a child in dentist’s waiting rooms… It’s a whole school I simultaneously cherish and despair of, and found myself channeling with every wobbly stroke of my dip pen.

lip hook bug plinth copy

Scenes in the Bug Factory, which became Huxley’s domain. The property of the lord of the manor. Sometime, early in the preparation of the book,  I saw an extraordinary series of  monochrome pictures showing the interior of an old  Russian submarine that was just a mass of pipes and gauges.. I almost immediately lost them , and no amount of google searches has since turned them up. Still, they were in the back of my mind whenever we strayed inside Huxley’s gates…

bug factory sketch 2

I’ll show you more later.

That’s enough for now.


*rereading the entry to write this, I’m struck by how weird and sensational the facts of that case are. If it had happened in the US I have no doubt that it would have been filmed numerous times by now. But it happened in Mexico, and seems to have been lost amongst dozens of other spectacularly grisly crimes. Seriously, look it up. It has everything, drugs, religion, tragic absurdities aplenty, even a climactic shoot out/massacre. It was Manson before Manson, though thankfully without a tedious prick like Manson at it’s centre.

Lip Hook Progresses! Golden Thread show! Adventures in Signing!

Alrighty there, long time no update, sorry about that. Had a lot on. So here goes:

Lip Hook p 25, unlettered

Lip Hook p 25, minus Hine’s verbiage.

Lip Hook is progressing, loads more to do, but I’m thumbnailing and pencilling and inking and colouring and lettering all the script that David Hine can throw my way, and will be for months to come. If you don’t see me, that’s what I’m doing. Pretty happy so far,  really getting into creating our own odd little world somewhere down the road  from Nigel Kneale and Angela Carter and Algernon Blackwood and Scarfolk. Good thing too because I’m not going to be doing everything else.

Still, I’m sure a man can survive on green tea and no sunlight. It’ll all be fine. Just fine.

Above is a non-spoilery page.I refuse to explain it.

Golden Thread- there will be a show of the artwork from the Golden Thread project at Cecil Sharp House from the 14th March-29th July , including (deep breath,) work by Aidan Saunders, Beau Brannick, Bette Belle Blanchard, Billy Mather, Daryl Rainbow, Drew Webster, Fiontan Fitzgerald, Fran Colomb, Gary Northfield, Hannah Dyson, Hunt Emerson, Jim Stoten, Jonathan Edwards, Jonny Hannah, Kim Fountain, Lesley Barnes, Lord Hurk, Marie Morelle, , Nick White, Orson Coupland, Peter Lloyd, Rob Nicol, Soju Tanaka, Stephen Fowler, Tommy Brentnall, Woodrow Phoenix, ZEEL. …and me.

Link here: https://www.cecilsharphouse.org/csh-visit-us/csh-exhibitions

Also, the fundraising efforts were successful, (with no great effort on my part-yay!) and so we will see a book at some juncture. I’ll tell you more when I know more.

Adventures In Science: There’s going to be a signing at Forbidden Planet on the 31st March, with Krent Able, Geoff Senior, Shaky Kane, Matt Fitch, Chris Baker, Joe Totti and myself. Be lovely to see you there.

Link: https://forbiddenplanet.com/events/2018/03/31/adventures-science-forbidden-planet/

The Bad Bad Place is, as ever, coming out, bit by bit in the pages of Meanwhile, last issue on the shelves was #8, great issue, really like the Darryl Cunningham strip, amongst other things. Two chapters to go!

Link: http://soaringpenguinpress.com/product/meanwhile-8

That’s about it.

I will, snow and ilness and bad timing permitting, be at the Cartoon Museum every Thursday afternoon working on Lip Hook, should you wish to come in and poke me with a stick.



Kankangee Blues!

My kind of deity.

My kind of deity.


The title page above shows the Grandmother Goddess of Yeongdo-Ju, or at least, as I imagine her, hair in rollers, a cigarette and a bottle of wine on the go….  She is the goddess looking over Yeongdo-ju, in Busan, South Korea, and within it the area where my story Kangkangee Blues is set. From the stories I heard she could be a little possessive and wayward in her affections. (Anybody moving away from the island, for example, is advised to do so in the dead of night in hope of avoiding her disapproval.) I paid a visit to her shrine atop Mount Bongnaesan this summer. Woefully unfit, I just about made it to the top of the mountain, and made damn sure to pay my respects and offer her a little rice wine before descending. She can clearly carry a grudge…

Kangkangee Blues is a sad little love story in 21 pages (22 with that ‘cover’ ) Which I produced at the behest of the British Council as one of their collaborative artistic endeavours, similar to the Shakespeare Lives! event I was involved in last year in Seoul, (must post that sometime…) My brief on this occasion, given to me by the Kangkangee Project when I first took on the gig, was to create visuals to accompany a piece of music by a Korean singer/songwriter, but that idea fell through, essentially because he didn’t feel like collaborating much, and I was left to come up with …something else, something about the area where the Arts Village is based, which they are engaged in various attempts to artistically celebrate, decorate and map. My contribution was to be just part of an initiative by the Village to raise the creative profile of the district. Muralists, painters and installation artists were also there during my visit, with bigger budgets than mine…

Le romance.

Le romance.

It was suggested by Director Seung that my ‘something’ should be about the Kankangee women, who have long had the thankless task of ridding ship’s hulls of rust, barnacles and the like. Decades back they did this by the simple method of hitting the thing with hammers (the ‘kang kang kang’ of the hammers hitting steel is where the area gets its name,) these days they do it with power sanders on sticks, but it has always been dirty, insecure, dangerous work, largely undertaken by middle aged women on up into their 70’s.

So I got flown out to Korea in late July, and once there visual inspiration was easy to come by, the Kankangee area is extraordinary, a wonderland, if your idea of treasure is rusting maritime junk, (Mine is. So woohoo!) Its function, in a shipping port, is to be the place to go to return your vessel to seaworthiness. It does not manufacture ships, but anything your craft needs can be cast or constructed or worked there. The legend is that if a man  knows his business he could go to the right seven places in Kankangee and build himself a submarine. Walking around I immediately saw images that I wanted to draw, and I fairly quickly came up with a simple idea for a story around which to hang those images, a simple tale of love lost and possibly regained told over  5 decades. It’s not wildly complicated, but it’s one in which I could squeeze a fair amount of what I experienced and learned in two heady, delirious weeks in Busan, from food to history to landscape to architecture. I took hundreds of photographs and made a lot of notes and climbed a lot of steps in a lot of heat. I tried to work in everything and have it work within the story, always aware of so much more that I missed, barely glimpsed, or failed to understand because of woeful ignorance of the Korean language. I think that lack lies behind my instinctual decision to make the strip ‘silent’ save for the repetitive ‘kang kang kang’ which the old KKG women swear still haunts their dreams. It is not a realistic picture of Busan, it’s one seen through the eyes of a bedazzled cartoonist from other shores, it’s not true, but I hope there’s truth in it. It’s a love story, but also a love letter to the city, and everybody I met whilst I was there.

Down these clean streets a woman must go...

Down these clean streets a woman must go…

I can only offer deep thanks to all the fine folks at the Kangkangee Arts Village, the Brtitish Council and Arts Council Korea who helped make this happen, and especially to the lovely Bomin Bom who was my long suffering guide, translator, researcher, and agreeable dinner companion.  Mingjung Jung who, beyond the call of duty returned to me a precious memory card I had managed to lose in Hyundae (I blame the Soju.) Director Seung for introducing me to so many new foods and flavours.Yeji Shin for organizing the McLuckie-Jeon hook up, amongst other things, and Yeoju, who corralled the strip into readable shape into shape as we sent message after message back and forth across the world….. You are all bloody marvelous.

The strip will be posted online from the Arts Village site and see print in Korea in 2018. I have the rights to publish a british print version at some point, and am exploring options….

Here’s a link to a piece on the Arts Village site: http://kangkangee.com/index.php/ukkorea/


Mark Stafford

London 2017

Work work work....

Work work work….

August update! Talk Radio! Corbyn Comic! and Beeeyoootiful Busan!


Been a while, and I have been busy…

Ok, there’s this:- the art I did for a theatrical production of Eric Bogosian’s play Talk Radio, which I was only familiar with through Oliver Stone’s film from twenty-something years back. This version stars my mate Matthew Jure and starts on August 29th at the Old Red Lion Theatre. Looking forward to it. Here’s a version of the art minus most of the text:

Talk Radio poster screamer minus text version




























And here’s a link to the theatre: http://www.oldredliontheatre.co.uk/talk-radio.html


Also myself and Mr David Hine have pages in  The Corbyn Comic Book, it’s a 48 page anthology coming on September 25th from Self Made Hero. here’s the cover, by Jake:




























And it’s getting press-

Bit in the Guardian here;- https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/aug/21/jeremy-corbyn-comic-book-hero

And the Bookseller here:- http://www.thebookseller.com/news/extraordinary-response-call-corbyn-inspired-comic-illustrations-620886

Not linking to the NME article, because it was shit.

You can pre-order the beast here:- https://www.waterstones.com/book/the-corbyn-comic-book/martin-rowson/steve-bell/9781910593516

Aaand lastly there’s Kangkangee Blues which is the provisional title I’ve given to a thing I’m undertaking through the British Council/Arts Council Korea. I got an email a couple of months back asking if I wanted to collaborate with a Korean singer songwriter, producing some kind of visual accompaniment to a piece of music commissioned by the Kangkangee Arts village on Yeongdo-gu island in Busan. The deal involved going to Busan for a couple of weeks. I said yes.

The whole thing has gotten more complicated and more involved and a whole lot more fun since then. I’ll write more when I have more to show. But I’m now creating a twenty-odd page melancholy romance which is to be just a part of a range of cultural  projects (including murals and installations and the like,) which will launch in late Autumn this year. It’s all very exciting. Everybody’s been great.

And Busan is frickin’ awesome.

Lip Hook‘s progress currently stands at eleven inked pages. Onwards and upwards.

More when I have it.


June Update! Zone 1! Adventures in Science Kickstarts! Hocus-Baloney merchandise! etc!

Hello you,

Righto, just got a copy of Zone 1 through the post. It’s an anthology title by Guernsey-based cartoonists apparently galvanised into action by meself and Dave Hine’s appearance at the Guernsey Literary Festival a couple of years back. Aw shucks. There are bits to see on contributor Mikal Dyas twitter: https://twitter.com/mikaldyas , and publishers Black Moor Press have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/blackmoorpress/   . Worth a shufty, if you can find it, not least because Dave wrote an intro, and I drew a cartoon to open the book:

It's funny if you were there. Or not.

Next up: Happy to be part of Adventures In Science, the Dead Canary comic that I’ve got five  Matt Fitch- scripted pages in. It also includes art by some pretty fast company, including amongst others, Krent Able, Shakey Kane, Caspar Wijngaard, John Aggs and Jacen Burrows! Blimey. This fine looking SF anthology is Kickstarting right now. So go fund it! More money equals more stories, people! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deadcanarycomics/dead-canary-comics-presents-adventures-in-science?ref=nav_search

Also, in a fit of capitalism, I have created a Redbubble page where you can buy my art, or some bits of it, anyway, printed on mugs, T-shirts, dresses and duvets. I’m not kidding. This is gonna be beautiful, (*sucks cigar, coughs a bit*) so drag your scintillating money over to https://www.redbubble.com/people/marxtafford70 and buy yourself a miniskirt and a pair of leggings.

I heartily endorse this product or service.

On the drawing board; clearing the decks  for Lip Hook, mainly, which is going to take over the next year of my life, I’m creating lettering fonts and designing characters and settings and titles. But i’m also finding the time for a few Bad Bad bits and pieces awaiting that story’s eventual compilation….

Oh, and there may be fancy prints in the offing.

But that’s all for now.


May 2017 Update! Dead Canary ! Folky Murder! Riddim! Other things!

Ahoy hoy.

Here’s what’s occurring.

I’m currently colouring the last couple of pages of my contribution to the Golden Thread  project for Cecil Sharp house, home to all things Brit-folky. Various cartoonists have taken on the task of adapting  folk tunes that originated in the UK and emigrated to the United States. Mine is ‘Pretty Polly’ aka ‘The Cruel Ship’s Carpenter’ a tale of foul murder and ghostly vengeance. Since the work will be exhibited, I decided to work on A3, and have spent a lot of time and spilled a lot of ink on this. For no financial reward. I am clearly an idiot. A book of the work will be available, details when I know them. Here’s page four:

Dastardly bastard.

Also, not sure when this will hit the shelves, but I’ve rendered 5 pages of art for a forthcoming Dead Canary science fiction anthology. the story’s called ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’ a tale of time travel and the Titanic, written by Matt Fitch. Love to show them to you, but it’s not out any time soon, so you’ll have to wait. Details when I know them.

I will have a guest pass for the Brighton ICE on june 10th. It’s ‘Britain’s Coolest Comics Convention’ apparently, so I’ll be putting a stop to that, doubtless flittting from table to table to sign and scribble on stuff, whether you want it or not. Tickets here; https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ice-brighton-2017-tickets-27784105006

Oh, and I’ve created some bits for Riddim!, Stagger Lee Fisher’s ongoing DJ concern, which sounds like a fine night out if you’re up Newcastle way. Here’s a piece on the event from Narc magazine: http://narcmagazine.com/news-riddim-ernest/

And here be a frog :

riddim frog pondback copyAaaand, hitting the shelves just about now should be Meanwhile #6, featuring the latest chapter of David Hine and meself’s The Bad Bad Place, amongst other delights. it’s 96 pages, and finishes on a laudably offensive/baffling Krent Able piece.  Link here: http://soaringpenguinpress.com/product/meanwhile-6

Aaaand last minute update: our Arts Council application has been accepted! Whoop! Lip Hook is, most definitely, go! This being myself and David Hine’s new book from Self Made Hero.  More information when I get it, but this is very, very good news. Thanks to all those who’ve helped out in the application process. you know who you are.

Righto. other things are in the offing.

But that’s your lot for now.



Save Our souls #3 hits shelves! HOAX tours!

Hello there,

Quick update; Save Our souls #3 is now out! With a two page strip ‘The Metaphor’ by me in there somewhere, here’s the site:


And I’m a bit excited that the HOAX project, poet Ravi Thornton’s ongoing multimedia exploration of her brothers mental illness, is now in touring musical form, playing in Barnsley, York, Grimsby, Liverpool and Salford, April through to May,  I drew a chapter of the graphic novel, HOAX: Psychosis Blues, which comes as part of the ticket package. Go! Here’s the trailer:

Also The Bad Bad Place is now complete! Barring a little tweaking here and there, it is a done deal and will be slowly arriving chapter by chapter in Meanwhile, from Soaring Penguin, and eventually in a collected version. I’ll keep you posted.

Aaaaand I’m currently working on an adaptation of a folk song, ‘The Cruel Ship’s Carpenter’, for The Golden Thread project, early days, but it will result in an anthology book of cartoonists interpreting songs that have travelled from the UK to the US and mutated along the way, as well as an exhibition of the art at Cecil Sharp house in Camden, home of all things folky: https://www.cecilsharphouse.org/

That’s about all for now,



Meanwhile… Meanwhile’s back!


I’ve just recently received my copy issue #5 of Meanwhile, now back as a handsome 100 page beast, featuring, of course, part 5 of David Hine and mine own’s The Bad Bad Place, amongst good company. RRP is  a stiff £17.95 from your local inky emporium, but it’s avalable for a sweeter £10.95 if you get it direct from publisher Soaring Penguin.

Go here. Purchase! : http://soaringpenguinpress.com/product/meanwhile-5

Aaand a reminder that I’ll be signing copies of it at Orbital next Wednesday 15th February, with a host of other contributors. be lovely to see you. here’s the Facebook page:


And here, because you’ve been good, is a possible cover image for its eventual collection that I’ve been playing with recently. Possibly a little too abtract, and we’ll probably go with something else in the end, but at least it doesn’t have a Victorian china doll with a cracked face on it, which seems to be some kind of legal requirement for this kind of thing…

Now available in the past!

Now available in the past!

Alrighty, that’s all for now.



January update! Lip Hook teaser! Alisik cover! Meanwhile signing!

Hello you,

Righto, here’s what’s occuring at Stafford towers:

Lip Hook Teaser: Well, David Hine’s posted this on his site, so I guess it’s OK to link to it: http://www.waitingfortrade.com/2017/01/lip-hook-teaser.html

Knee deep in preparation for Lip Hook, our new book for Self Made Hero, and very excited about it. It’s going to be a long while before you see the finished beast, but the nature of financing a graphic novel these days means that a production blog is going to happen along the way. I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile signing: I will be signing the relaunched Meanwhile, featuring the Bad Bad Place part 5, on February the 15th, at Orbital, in Great Newport Street, from 5-7pm, in the company of Gary Spencer Millidge, Laura Trinder, Nick Burton, Sarah Gordon and Matthew Dooley. Be lovely to see you.

Alisik cover: Won’t post it here yet, but I’ve rendered the cover for a bit of Euro-gothic whimsy called Alisik, coming from Titan Comics.

with the possibility of more covers in the offing. Whoop!

the Bad Bad Place: Blimey , this last chapter has been like pulling teeth, but it’s drawn, and inked, and half-way coloured, so we’re on the finishing stretch….

Aaaand whilst I’m here, I’d highly recommend the new show of 2000ad art that’s just started at the Cartoon Museum. It’s an embarrassment of riches, with some extraordinary pages on show. Most fans have their favourite era but most of the vital stuff is represented. And oh, those Mike McMahon’s…

That’s all for now.





Sonnet Exchange in South Korea

CXLV page 0ne

CXLV page 0ne

Well, I’m back from a whirlwind visit to Seoul, South Korea. Four days is nowhere near enough time to familiarise oneself with such a huge and multifaceted city, so spent much of it in giddy culture shock. I was there as part of the British council’s Sonnet Exchange event, part of their 400 years of Shakespeare celebrations. Basically, my part was to collaborate with a  Korean poet, Bo seon Shim, on a graphic adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, whilst a British poet, Ben Wilkinson worked with a Korean artist Sung Goo Won on another. Last Thursday saw us onstage at Kaos Hall in the extraordinary Book Park ( a combination arts gallery, bookshop and performance venue,) reciting Shakespeare’s sonnets and the poets reactions, on English and Korean, whilst my and Sung Goo Won’s art was projected behind us. Compere Sarah Olive, a Shakespeare scholar, then quizzed us about our work together.

It was a strange process, at least as far as I was concerned, made up ofSkype calls and emails and not a little panic. After we settled on Sonnet CXLV I came up with a basic idea of a couple visiting the cinema, falling out and reconciling, whilst their actions are mirrored and contrasted with the onscreen action, the conclusion of James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein. I sent roughs of this to Bo Seon, who rightly pointed out that I had left him nowhere to go, and little space to fit his contribution in. And , y’know, why Frankenstein? With the deadline approaching, I started to sweat a little, until we were rescued by politics, Brexit and the Trump election, which had begun to take prominence in our email exchanges. Bo Seon had flagged up a dark interpretation of the Sonnet, centering on broader hate speech and divisiveness rather than simple relationship dynamics. I started to render the couples part of the pages, leaving the cinema screens blank, partly because I needed to work on something. And the day after Trump’s victory a poem was delivered, born of anger, as it were. Bo Seon suggested I fill the cinema screens with scenes of political apocalypse, and a week of late nights later, here we are.

I will post our collaboration soon. Meanwhile here’s the Ben Wilkinson/ Sung Goo Won collaboration:


And here’s Sarah Olive and myslf doing our best to plug the evening on morning radio:


And here’s some of my art in the Chosun Daily newspaper about the project:


Aaand there are some photos here:


Whilst there, I learned a lot about the Korean cartooning scene, visited the spectacular Manhwa Museum in Bucheon, and hopefully made the beginnings of more collaborations to come. Deep thanks to Rebecca Hall, William Kemp, Misun Seo, Juyoung Jeon and all at the British Council for their trust, patience and consideration. And the food. Good god! The food!

More later,



The Men Who Laugh :- Hine/Stafford podcast.

Back in 2014 David Hine and my good self were guests at the rather splendid 22 Panels comic art festival in Falmouth. As part of proceedings we were interviewed on stage by Chris Thompson, then of Orbital comics shop, now of Titan books, who has just released this podcast version of the event. Obviously you’ll have to imagine what Dave’s referring to in the slide show, but it’s a pretty fun chat overall. Thanks to Chris, and to Nicholas Heartland, who put the festival together. Enjoy!


October update! Bad Bad returns to the shelves! Selkie Show! South Korean sonnets! Etc!

the other day, upon the stair...

the other day, upon the stair…

Alrighty there!

How are you? Mmmm great. Now shut up. this is about me.

Above is a sketchbook thing I might devlop into something. It is not symbolic of anything. Definitely not crippling debt. No sir.

Workwise there’s quite a lot going on, here goes…

The Bad Bad Place; I’m currently working on the last chapter, part ten, and I’m happy to report that you’ll finally be able to pick up part 5 when Meanwhile magazine  returns to the shelves in January of 2017. The magazine has changed format , and is now a quarterly 96 paged beast with a price tag to match. Highly recommend that you get to the Soaring Penguin site and subscribe, when the option arises. It’ll save you a chunk of change. Here’s a link to Meanwhile #1, should you have missed out the first time… soaringpenguinpress.com/product/meanwhile-1

Lip Hook; Dave Hine and Myself and Self Made Hero have talked, and we’re in the middle of working out funding. Forms are being filled. plans are being drawn up. Secret code rings are being issued to the relevant parties. It will happen. I am psyched.

The Sea: Have rendered poster art for this Bournemouth based puppet theatrical thingie, featuring selkies and the like. It’s the work of Carnival of Objects, for whom I produced art before, when they were doing a stage version of Gogol’s the Nose. I’ll also be designing the programme. But the show’s on next year, so it’ll be a while. Here’s a link to the relevant bit of Carnival’s site: www.carnivalofobjects.co.uk/the-sea/

Aaand, oh go on then, here’s a first pass at the poster:

Here's to swimmin' with bow legged women...

Here’s to swimmin’ with bow legged women…

the Laughing Baby; Have produced a sample illustration for this  book by infantologist mate Caspar, waiting to see what publishers Unbound think of it. A non-fiction pop science/guide book interpreting the  behaviour of babies. Quite like the idea of drawing something sweet and helpful, rather than odd and upsetting. We shall see.

Save Our Souls; produced a two page strip for SOS#3, not heard back from editor yet. fingers crossed.

Oh, and the big one, for me at least;

South Korean Sonnet; In a lovely surprise,  got contacted by the British Council, who want me to collaborate over the next few weeks with a South Korean poet, turning a sonnet into something graphical, and then I’m being flown over there in November to run some workshops about the process. That’s as much as I know at the moment. But as with all of the above, I will keep you posted when I know more.

Enough for now, I believe…

All the best,




August Update! Lucifer! Moose! Bad Bad!

Hello you,

Ok, here’s what going on in my tiny world;

Lucifer/Donkey Interface:

Just did this little commisioned painting for Julia round. she requested a romantic situation between Lucifer and a donkey. I took the high road and eschewed the filth. If you want a lil’ acrylic canvas for £95 go here: http://www.hocus-baloney.com/commissions

The moon, the night and the music...

The moon, the night and the music…

Moose Kid 3!

It’s out! I’ve got a half page in the latest issue of this fantabulous free downloadable childrens comic! Go here to get yourself a PDF:


The Bad Bad Place:

David Hine and myself are cracking on with the last few chapters of the Bad Bad Place, have just finished off part 8, and starting on part 9. It’s getting alarmingly epic and widescreen, and I can’t show you much for fear of spoilers, but here are the first couple of panels of page one;

Oooh, the mystery.

Oooh, the mystery.

I don’t know yet when the Bad Bad Book will emerge. Stay posted.

Up and coming: Possible new stuff for Save Our Souls (by which i mean i’ve got the idea for something and a couple of pages of sketchbook scribbles…)

And it looks like I’ll be doing a  bit more Theatre poster/programme design.

Really want to set up a store selling old artwork somewhere on line, anything and everything up for grabs. Annoyingly this looks like it will actually require time and effort that I’d rather spend drawing and writing, but, y’know, needs must as the devil drives..

All for now.



July Update! Shots! Souls! Bad Bad page!

No spoilers!

No spoilers!

Above is an unlettered page from the Bad Bad Place part 7,  figured it’s alright to show you this, because it doesn’t give much away, and because it was part of our slideshow at the Wonderlands in Sunderland panel me and Dave Hine were on a few weeks back. On the boards at the moment; pencils for chapter 8.

Also out, and making me happy, is Shots magazine #164, with a six page strip ‘The Lion’s Den’ by Christopher Spencer Baker and myself, which has turned out nicely. And this cover. Just got my copy through the post. Blimey, ’tis a pleasure to be so beautifully printed, and at a hefty size, too. Not sure how you’d secure a copy, but the website’s here: http://www.shots.net/

I am Creative, hear me roar.

I am Creative, hear me roar.

Lastly, I’ll be in Gosh, in Berwick Street, Soho this Saturday the 9th, as part of Small Press Day between 1 and 2 signing copies of Save our Souls #2, which is just out, and in which i’ve got a couple of pages. Be lovely to see you. Here’s the Gosh event page: http://www.goshlondon.com/2016/06/small-press-day/

Righty ho, that’ll do for now.



May Update! Wonderlands! Shots magazine! Strange scenes in bars!

Alrighty there!

Been a while. I’ve moved house. Now located North of the river in …uh… vibrant Seven Sisters. Getting used to the area, getting my workspace sorted out, getting scared at the amount of rent I’ve got to pay. So here’s what’s up, work-wise…

The Bad Bad Place; Part 7 is complete and me and Mr Hine have been given the go ahead to finish the beast, so the next couple of months will be all about the last 30 pages.

Shots magazine: I was approached recently by Christopher Spencer Baker, of Dead Canary Comics, about rendering a 4 pager script he had about the experience of attending the Cannes Lions Advertising Awards and surrounding festival. Said strip to appear in shots magazine, a periodical about the advertising industry. They liked it, and my stuff, so it expanded a bit, and the issue of the magazine #164, cover dated July 2016, will have a 6 page strip ‘the lion’s den’, including title page, a lil’ portrait of the editor, and the freakin’ cover all drawn by me me me. Won’t post anything here until after publication. But pretty damn happy about the gig, and the experience.

Wonderlands in Sunderland; I’ll be a guest at the second year of this event, on a panel, and sharing a table with Mr David Hine. It’s one of Bryan Talbot’s babies. Looking forward to it. Great guests. Looks spiffy.

site here: http://www.wonderlands.org.uk/

On the drawing board as we speak; My contribution to the next Moose Kid. A couple of commissioned paintings.

Aaand for your viewing pleasure: a thing that I developed from a sketchbook page for the hell of it. An experiment in coloured shadows…

Wouldn't drink that if I were you. Well.... maybe a sip.

Wouldn’t drink that if I were you. Well…. maybe a sip.


That’s all for now.



Animalaid Cartoons! More!

Well alrighty there. Much of my recent time has been taken up with moving hose, I’m now North of the river in shiny Seven Sisters, but did get some stuff done:

Happy to have produced a couple of cartoons for Animalaid highlighting the harmful, not to mention deadly consequences of the Cheltenham Races. Here they are:

Champers and carnage, anybody?

Champers and carnage, anybody?

Cheltenham Jockey copy

Here’s  the bit on their site, with info and links: http://www.animalaid.org.uk/h/n/NEWS/news_horse//3402//

Was great working for Animalaid, have already produced another piece for them, (see future posts,) and hopefully going to do more in future.

The Bad Bad Place Part Seven is almost complete. Bit of colouring to do. Gawd knows when you’ll see it.

My review of Ben Wheatley’s Ballard adaptation High Rise is over here:  http://www.electricsheepmagazine.co.uk/reviews/2016/03/16/high-rise/

Have a couple of pieces in the second issue of Save Our Souls magazine, apparently. Whoop!

Yet to do my bit for the next Moose Kid. Most remiss.

And will be something to do with the ballyhooed Missed Deadline project. Exactly what is yet to be decided…

That’ll do for now.




RTFM and S.M,A,S,H. and Save Our Souls and such like…


RTFM copy

Alrighty, the Image above is RTFM, Hope ye dig it. Another one of my would-be prints. I’ll sort that out sometime…

Save Our Souls magazine is out! And it features a four pager which may be one of the best things I’ve done. Get a copy here:  http://www.samu.co.uk/ It’s got a fantastic roll call of creators on board, and is well worth your money.

Next Up, S.M.A.S.H. is coming up soon, Saturday 6th in the Barbican Centre library, I’ll be on the panel talking about Art, it’s the middle one. Been to a couple of these before, really smart events, always loads to chew on, and great pub conversation afterwards, hope you can make it. Here’s the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/461338790726043/

Progress report: inking  the Bad Bad Place Part 7 at the moment, my god it gets….messy. The script calls for a victorian child portrait of one of the characters to hang on the wall in a couple of panels, so I did this, his name is Aleister, he may be a bit wrong:

Aleister: the cause of much unpleasantness...

Aleister: the cause of much unpleasantness…

Aaand after  the sad news earlier this month I doodled this in my sketchbook, which has ended up in the Spindle magazine gallery of tributes http://spindlemagazine.com/2016/01/illustrators-pay-tribute-david-bowie/ :

bowie sketch0116 copy

That’s all for now.





Merryhappy and all that.

Seasons greetings. Here’s a thing, my card for 2015, Enjoy:

And a warning that I’ll be speaking about Art at this, in February 2016: http://www.comica.london/event/smash-2016/

Hope to see you there.

Have a good one.



Taste the Thunder!

I am woman, hear me roar… Another A3 piece. Might become a print. looks like my lovely green lady is having more fun than the title character in ‘The Attack of the 50 ft Woman’ who ‘ if I recall correctly, just stropped about a bit looking for her crap husband Harry. C’mon, honey, life gives you lemons, make lemonade. At least pose for amusing photos with the statue of liberty….




9 League Boots

Taking advantage of a deadline free week to have fun working with some random ideas. First result is this. No clue what it’;s about, but if there’s a band out there with the name ‘Nine League Boots’ ,well, …..do you need any art done?


A very Moose Kid Christmas! Hot Jazz! more!

Hmmm, been a while since I last updated, how are you? Really? Now SHUT UP! This is all about me. December 2015 update:

The Moose Kid christmas special is out, with a page by me, all great stuff, all free! Get it here: http://www.moosekidcomics.com/

And also there’s a genius campaign to get printed Moose Kid comics into hospital childrens wards here: https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/moosekidcomics , because, y’know, they haven’t suffered enough.

Also, I’m deleriously happy to have a page in the gallery bit at the back of the Hot Jazz book, a collection of Hint Emerson’s Max Zillion and Alto Ego strips, Hunt is one of my inky heroes, and the gallery has me in pretty cool company. Buy It! Buy it Here! :  http://largecow.com/shop/books/hot-jazz

And David Ziggy Greene (Private Eye, Charlie Hebdo) is trying to launch a magazine of cartoons and commentary called Save Our Souls, in which my stuff should appear. Sounds great.but the indiegogo campaign was below target before deadline, so I don’t know what’s up with that.: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/save-our-souls–2#/

The Bad Bad Place: just finishing chapter 6 now, but it’ll be while before you see it, Meanwhile #4 should be on the racks. Here: http://www.soaringpenguinpress.com/publications/periodicals/meanwhile-4/

Lip Hook is still somewhere between my sketchbook and David Hine’s first draught. It will happen.

Oh all right then, here’s my Hot Jazz lick:

That’ll do for now, though I am working on some things which might end up as prints, keep you posted.




Broken Guernsey Jazz Moose! : The Update

Well hello, been decidedly lax about updating this blog recently, so here are the headlines:

Moose Kid 2: It’s out! It’s Free! And there’s two bits by me! Go here for your downloadable version: http://www.moosekidcomics.com/

Might have another bit in the upcoming Christmas special, but that relies on me coming up with an idea. And writing and drawing it.

The Broken Frontier Anthology: Raised its Kickstarter target money, to our assembled delight. I’ve just finished our (Me and Dave Hine’s) bit, Quin Returns, a 10 page existential noir beast. Very happy with it, worked larger than I normally do, and I think it paid off.  Here’s the title/credits page:

And here’s a voyeuristic moment from page 5:

The Kickstarter page is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tylerchintanner/broken-frontier-the-boldest-comics-anthology-in-th

Guernsey Literary Festival: Me And Dave will be appearing at this spiffy event on the 19th and 20th of September, we’ll be running a workshop, and being interviewed about the Man Who Laughs, which, as you all know, was written by Hugo on Guernsey whilst he was in exile. A show of art, including a fair few pages from the book, is already up and running. Here’s the poster for our strand:

Really looking forward to this, missing out on meeting fellow guests Bryan and Mary Talbot, as they’re up the week before us, ( but caught up with them after the Alice In Cartoonland launch at the Cartoon Museum, and got to see their upcoming book on ipad, damn, it looks good.) not sure if we’ll meet Will Self or Neil Innes, who are also scheduled guests, but will definitely be visiting Hugo’s house whilst I’m there. Our bit at the site: http://www.guernseyliteraryfestival.com/index.php/2015-04-07-09-45-00/8-the-line-up/53-david-hine-mark-stafford

Hot Jazz: Happy as happy could be to be in the gallery bit at the back of a new collection of the bloody marvelous Max Zillion strips by one of my cartoonin’ idols, Mr Hunt Emerson, which will be printed in October, I believe, coming out through Knockabout. The Kickstarter page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1436027074/hot-jazz

Dominion: Rendered another label for the fine folks at Dominion Brewery, meet Amber, she’s a porter, here’s the pump clip:

and just in the middle of creating another for their Mad Trappiste brew. Will post when done.

The Bad Bad Place: Drawing part 6 right now, Meanwhile #4 due out soonish, look for it on the racks.

Lip Hook: Will happen, we’re in the ‘let’s have a meeting’ stage…

Some Prints: I quite fancy drawing some prints. Got some ideas. So that might happen.

Think that’s about all for now.



Broken Frontier Kickstarter- Last few days!

Alrighty, it’s the last few days of  the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for The proposed Broken Frontier anthology, in which myself and Dave Hine wil  tell the tale of Quin’s Return, an existential murder mystery. Lots of other fine contributors are in there too, see here:


aaand there’s a pretty damn fine interview with me here, questions asked by the splendidly hatted Andy Oliver:


So pony up yer dough, folks! and to whet yr appetite, here’s a little picture of Quin, the lead character from our story. Donate! Donate! Donate!



Broken Frontier Kickstarter um… starts!

Okay, this is happening, so pony up your dough, because if it happens Myself and Mr Dave Hine will be contributing a little existential murder mystery. Looks like a damn fine package and all. Check it out.


Aaand update: Currently rendering a couple of pages as my contribution to a new Moose Kid anthology comic.

Annnnd The Bad Bad Place chapter Five has been Inked, with Chapter three hitting the shelves in the pages of Meanwhile.

Aaand  I will most likely be attending this years Guernsey Literary Festival as a guest, with David Hine , to talk about The Man Who Laughs, which was written on that fair island. There will be an exhibition of art from the book and everything. This sounds bloody great. tell you more when I know more.




Charlie Hebdo

The French Institute asked me to contribute to their blog on the Charlie Hebdo atrocities in Paris, so I did. Here’s my response in situ;


And here it is here:

All told, a bloody awful start to the year, hopefully have something more cheerful to report soon. Wouldn’t bet on it….

22 Panels

Ok, Dave Hine and myself are confirmed guests at the 22 Panels event in Falmouth, Corn wall October 24th-25th. Not been to Cornwall in yonks, and it looks like a great little thing, other guests I know about include Donya Todd, Henry Flint, Tiny Pencil, and, I think, David Roach. I’ll add more when I know it. Be lovely to see you there.

Tumblr page:


Update: Meanwhile,NICE Skulls!

Quick word to say I’m in this new book, The Mammoth Book Of Skulls!:


And That over this weekend I’ll be at this:


I’ll endeavor to make some prints up for the NICE event, where I’ll most likely be sat near Dave sketching and signing anything you place in front of me. Anything!

Oh, and also, you’re now able to set up subscriptions for Meanwhile magazine, saving you money on buying the single issues, people! It features Me and Dave Hine’s The Bad Bad Bad Place,  just go to the Soaring Penguin site, first issue should be out October 17th. Here ye go…


That’s all for now,



Basic CMYK

HOAX; Psychosis blues signing

Alright, this is happening this Saturday. It’s a beautiful book, and those are some fine scribblers,  hope to see you there. All whatsits to a good cause etc etc.

Moose Kid Comic actually happens!

A few yonks ago, kid’s cartoonin’ wunderkind (Beano/Phoenix, other things,) Jamie Smart asked around the inky community if anybody wanted to participate in a fun new comic. I, and a whole heapin’ helpin’ of talented buggers threw our hats into the ring. And it has finally arrived, for FREE download, and, on a cursory read, is bloody marvellous. Really happy to be a part of something this fun.And be in such fine company

Get it here:



a Happenin’s transpirin’!

Ok, it’s been a while, sooo, updates:

Currently about twenty pages in to The Bad Bad Place, my new collaboration with Dave hine, to appear in Soaring Penguin’s Meanwhile anthology comic.

HOAX; Psychosis Blues is out! By poet Ravi Thornton, with art from Bryan Talbot,  Hannah Berry, Karrie Fransman, Rian Hughes, Rhiana Jade, Ian Jones and more,(most of the heavy lifting by Leonardo Giron,) and six pages by me. It’s a beautiful thing, and you need it.  So get it here http://www.ziggyswish.com/

Bob Fingerman’s Minimum Wage No.6 has a pin up by me in the back there. I’ve smuggled filth into a filthy book, and it feels good. From Image. So I’ll be racked amongst the proper comics.

Russell Wall’s documentary: The Graphic Novel Man the comics of Bryan Talbot, has bits of me yacking away about Cherubs! and much else. Well worth watching. Though I  felt the need to hide behind the sofa whenever my huge face popped up on screen


Diary, I’ll be signing the Man Who Laughs in the afternoon at ELCAF, With Mr Hine, on the Self Made Hero table on the 14th of June, and there will be a HOAX signing at Gosh on the 19th of July

I’ll tell you about the beer later.

And the piece at the top is, well, just for the hell of it, I’ll try to get prints made.

That’s all for now.


Thought Bubblin’ and such

Alrighty, quick update, I’ll be at this thing over the weekend:


Mainly signing and sketching at the Self Made Hero table. and assisting in portfolio reviews.  But me and Dave have been nominated for the British Comics Awards in the Best Book category for The Man Who Laughs, the ceremony is part of the event, so there’s that to look forward to * laughs nervously*

Aaaand Work update: I’ve finished my bit of the poet Ravi Thornton’s HOAX: Psychosis Blues project, a bit of which was rolled out at the Lakes festival. My bit’s 6 pages, and I’ll tell ye and show ye more when I can. Details here:


Aaaand I’ve also rendered three pages for Jamie Smart’s Moose Kid Comics project, which will see the light of day next year sometime, with work by many hands, including Gary Northfield, Roger Langridge, and, of course, Jamie himself. Should be a blast. Site here:


That’s all for now, I believe, Oh, apart from all the bits I wrote about the London Film Festival which can be found hereabouts:






Right, that’ll do, honestly, I’ll post after Leeds with more, hopefully good, hopefully new book news.

Cheers for now, me lovelies.


Tastes like… Brixton!

Long time since I last updated. Bad, bad me. Anyhoo, there’s this:


-which can only be good. Reckon it’s between Nao and The Gigantic beard, myself, but great to be in this esteemed company.

And there’s these, dream gig really: beer labels for some limited edition Brixton brew, all profits to charity. Details here:


Imagine these ice cold beauties in your sweaty hand. Launched tomorrow night at the Kaff bar on Atlantic Road in beautiful downtown Brixton (Of course!) Come! Buy! Drink! Ignore the instructions on the Brixton Buzz, unless you don’t want to.



Owl and Pussycat

Did this painting for some good friends wedding recently, really happy with it. Think the bride and groom liked it, well, I wasn’t ordered to leave, anyway……


The Man Who Flogs

Okay, people , anyone of taste and discernment over the next month or so be aware that The Man Who Laughs, my, and writer Dave Hine’s adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel is coming out on the 18th, on Amazon and in all halfway decent bookshops and that I’ll be doing the following promo:

On Saturday the 20th April I’ll be part of the Drawing Parade at the  always fantabulous Comica Comiket (this year at Central St Martins,) come see my pock-ridden drawing hand blown up to alarming size on a big screen whilst I attempt to sketch some thing suitable, and I’ll also be at the SelfMade Hero table all day with Mr Hine signing and scrawling over copies of the tome, site here: http://www.comicafestival.com/

Then there should be a launch of some kind, maybe on the 25th. Up in the air at the moment, I’ll keep ye posted.

Aaand on the 2nd of June I’m a guest at the BD and Comics Passion event at the Institut Francais, on a panel with Ian Culbard and Dave Mairowitz yakking about the trials and tribulations of adapting literary classics into graphic form. Book yer tickets here. doubtless I’ll be sketching and signing at this also. Been a lover of the French Institut BD events for yonks now, really happy to be a part of one. http://www.bdandcomicspassion.co.uk/whats-on/from-classic-to-graphic/

Later in the year I’ll try to make it to the Lakes festival, have no idea if that’ll work out but it looks magnificent so I’ll plug it anyway: http://thelakesinternationalcomicartfestival.wordpress.com/

Aaand I’ll most probably be at Leeds Thought Bubble, never been before, hear good things. http://thoughtbubblefestival.com/2012/08/2012-competitions/

WhenI know more, I’ll let ye know.

Attend! Buy stuff!

Cherubs!: Available in all good shops! The Man Who Laughs :in the bag and due out in April!

Well, it’s out there finally, Cherubs! is available from Dark Horse comics in a lovely lil’ hardcover, from all good comic and book emporiums:  http://www.darkhorse.com/Books/21-562/Cherubs-HC

and also a digital version for the less tactile amongst you:  https://digital.darkhorse.com/profile/2474.cherubs-hc/

Really happy with it, as are these people:



Aaaand also happy to report that I’ve just finished art duties on the Man Who Laughs for Self Made Hero, it’s in their catalogue here, for an April release:  http://www.selfmadehero.com/catalogue.php

Right then, better find more work to do!


Cherubs Hardback out this year!

Finally! From the E-mails flitting back and forth it seems that Cherubs! will come out as a hardcover book from those lovely people at Dark Horse later this year, probably around October. The book will collect the Desperado volume and 100 odd pages of new Talbot/Stafford material under one cover, completing the tale as Armageddon is realised on the streets of New York, the dead walk and the cherubim literally go to Hell. With dancing girls.I’m busy creating a cover for the beast at the moment, I’ll let you know more when I do. In the meantime here’s a suitably apocalyptic scene from chapter 3 of the new stuff.

Everything is on sale!/ update post

Ahoy hoy. Long time since I posted. Awfully sorry about that. Update: I’m currently scanning and toning the last couple of chapters of  Cherubs! , and it looks like the whole shebang will be published by those lovely people at Dark Horse next year. Whoop Whoop!

Also waiting on confirmation that Me and Dave Hine will be collaborating again for Self Made Hero, on a literary adaptation, don’t wanna curse it by blabbing too much. Watch this space

And lastly, I’m in the messy process of moving house, and in a bid to raise the necesary funds  and slim down the sheer amount of  stuff I’m lugging about with me I’m going to sell off a load of my art, haven’t prepared the full list yet, but if  ye see anything you fancy on this site, make me an offer at marxtafford@yahoo.com Most of the art from Cherubs! book One is available, as is the Lovecraft adaptation. Most pages will come in the form of A3 pencils +A4 inks+ a digital print of the finished page. Go on, give a home to some inky splendour.

Here’s a gallery of sellable stuff on Bleeding Cool:  http://www.bleedingcool.com/2011/11/25/one-of-the-greatest-comics-creators-youve-never-heard-of-mark-stafford/

Thanks Rich!

strips for sale, if ye know my stuff;

In the Days of the Beer Jesus, A Hard Day’s Death, all Glyph pages. Promotion, Fine Art Funnies, If I Stumbled Fron your Party at Three in the Morning…., The Prick, Well, That’s All Right Then, Beertalk, Graham’s Lousy Day,Those Darn Cops, Great Moments In Dope History: Isaac Newton & Archimedes and more…


Mark stafford

War – The Human Cost book out

Great anthology from Paper Tiger, with an impressive line up of cartoonists. I provided sleeve and disc art for the accompanying CD. Buy it.



The End, an electric sheep anthology book out

the End, an anthology about cinema for the end times, and such, has been published by the lovely people at Strange Attractor press. Fine collection of new writing in a good looking book, and I’m not just saying that because it’s got a couple of my illustrations in. details here;



El Dios di Luna!

Another piece from the Orbital show. Sold this one to me mate Stagger Lee Fisher of Randy and Earl’s Old Record Club, it’s one of the first of my Hocus-Baloney series, depicting artwork from non existent films and books. Think this one’s the cover to some kind of Mexican Narco comic produced by the CIA for strange reasons circa 1978. Probably…


The Fate Of The Black Oak Minotaur

Another  piece from the Orbital show, dig it.

Dead Hillbillies; A series of unhealthy paintings

The Fate of the Black Oak Minotaur

Acrylic on canvas, 2008, 300 x 240mm.

Dan’s story was that the blasted thing just came out of the woods whilst he was  out hunting with his brother Matthew, and that the both of them just opened fire  without thinking twice about it.

He denied actually searching out the beast or bearing ill will towards it. But by the number of shells involved they must have reloaded those rifles a couple of times apiece, and damn sure nobody  forced them to drag that  corpse back into town and string it up for all to see whist they posed away and that photographer took his pictures.

Everybody cast knowing glances at each other and nobody said what was on  their minds, but nobody was surprised when Matthew broke out in boils and came down with fever the very next day.  And no-one was surprised when he died the day after that, about he same time that Dan, his wife and children and their whole damned house was swept away by a flash flood that came out of nowhere on a clear day. If they hadn’t known before then, the people of Black Oak sure as hell knew now that you don’t do nothing to piss off your mythical creatures.


Dead Hillbillies (1)

Just scanned the canvases from my Largely Unseen show at Orbital, so here’s my first Dead Hillbilly work to reach the web. Enjoy.

Dead Hillbillies; A series of unhealthy paintings

“Damned if she didn’t raise that thing like one of her own.”

Acrylic on canvas, 2010, 300 x 420mm

If any of the O’ Keefe’s knew what it was or where it came from they weren’t saying. Luke pretty much climbed into a bottle after it turned up, the first son Joseph just didn’t talk anymore , both avoided anybody’s gaze, just moped around with their sad moon faces looking more and more unfed and neglected as she spent more and more time with the thing she called her “moonchild.”

If  Hilary was aware that that thing was anything other than the most beautiful baby in all the world she kept it well hidden. Anyone who cared or was supposed to care tried to make her see reason, tried to take the damned thing off of her, but then the headaches and the bleeding would start in on them and they had to stop trying whatever they were trying and get the hell out of there, whilst it sang that chittering song to itself and laughed at them with it’s one good eye. Soon everybody stopped visiting,. The O’Keefe house was left well alone for near enough a year. Until finally curiosity overtook horse sense and a posse of well armed concerned citizens went to call.

The place was devoid of life, Luke had clearly hanged himself in the workshed some months before, whether he had taken Joseph’s life beforehand, or whether the poor little bugger had starved or died through other means was impossible to discern, given the condition of his body. Of Hilary there was no sign, and the house was in good order, save for an overturned chair, and the presence of several foul smelling glistening trails, like those of a slug or snail, but measuring from one to four feet across, that covered the walls and floor of the back porch and kitchen . Rain had washed away most of the trails after leaving the porch, but with hounds they were tracked to a sinkhole near 100 yards from the back of the house.  The sinkhole was dynamited in short order, and the house burned down a week after that. As for the O’Keefe’s and the “moonchild”, well, Marthasays that’s what you get when Baptists marry Catholics, but don’t you pay her no mind.