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September update! Lakes! Malta! Thought Bubble! Radio!More!


After a summer in which I drew a fair few pages, but did a whole lot of nothing else, my Autumn shedule looks to be a sudden flurry of  activity.

So to confirm, convention-wise;

I will be at the Lakes International Comics Art festival, where a limited print run of Kangkangee Blues will be effectively launched, largely through the Page 45 room in the Clock Tower, I believe.  I suspect I’ll be spending a sizable chunk of my time at the Lakes helping out at the Cartoon Museum table. not sure yet. But I am sure that KKG Blues is a beautifully printed thing, because my copy arrived a week back, and I’ve been showing it to every bugger I can since. Issues are limited but they should be available from Page 45 and a few select shops after that.

Here’s the LICAF site:  https://www.comicartfestival.com/?fbclid=IwAR1WtPX_vwnifDM-0lEMyTFNXD1I0JFCF8Bvbr_q0j5_6OQdy19fmDM1_4s?fbclid=IwAR1WtPX_vwnifDM-0lEMyTFNXD1I0JFCF8Bvbr_q0j5_6OQdy19fmDM1_4s

After that I’ll be at delightful sounding Malta Comic Con, with copies of KKG Blues, and hopefully The Bad Bad Place book, fresh off the presses. All very exciting, though I hear the convention contains an unnesassary amount of Karaoke. Be afraid. Site here;


And after that I’ll be at the Thought Bubble Festival at its new location in Harrogate. Where The Bad Bad Place book will get it’s big push, so to speak. I’ll be at the Soaring Penguin table, come find me, though I’m not sure myself and David Hine are listed here yet;


Other than the conventional, I’ll be appearing as a guest at the 12th September meeting of Laydeez Do Comics to chat, largely about the two new books, but generally about a life in ink. 6-8pm, it’s free, but there are limited spaces, so book here;


Aaaand also David Hine and myself will be on Resonance FM this Saturday as part of Alex Fitch’s Panel Borders show at 4.30pm, this will be a broadcast of our rambling Cartoon County appearance early this year. So that should be fun. Or terrible.


Other than that there will doubtless be a Bad Bad event at the Cartoon Museum, probably just before the Malta Con, but details have yet to be finalised.

It’s all go.

On the boards; I’m currently colouring a monster 11 page strip for no fixed abode. Also doing a bit of design work for a mate’s record label, and having a stab at colouring a page of someone else’s work for a change, and a challenge.

All will be revealed.


That’s all for now,