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Hocus-Baloney Merchandise!

taking care of business.

taking care of business.

Is your life lacking?

Do you want to distract yourself from the emptiness athat gnaws  away at the very core of your being with a whizz-bang colourful geegaw or trinket?

Yes? Well then welcome welcome welcome!

I have trinkets galore!

Come one !

Come all!

( though maybe not that guy…)

I have set up a Redbubble page , in a fit of larcenous greed, and so some specially selected and skilfully transmuted bits of my art, like the chap above, are now ready to be printed across a range of desirable products- t shirts, dresses, tablet and phone covers, bags and duvets, mugs and leggings. It’s all available here; https://www.redbubble.com/people/marxtafford70  and I’ll be adding more designs as and when the mood strikes.

Look spiffy.

Live spiffy.

I heartily endorse this product or service.

The Men Who Laugh :- Hine/Stafford podcast.

Back in 2014 David Hine and my good self were guests at the rather splendid 22 Panels comic art festival in Falmouth. As part of proceedings we were interviewed on stage by Chris Thompson, then of Orbital comics shop, now of Titan books, who has just released this podcast version of the event. Obviously you’ll have to imagine what Dave’s referring to in the slide show, but it’s a pretty fun chat overall. Thanks to Chris, and to Nicholas Heartland, who put the festival together. Enjoy!



Simon Gane

Mark likes Simon Gane’s stuff, and his very fine work can be found here.  www.simongane.com Though he hasn’t actually seen him in years. He think Simon lives in Bristol now, and can’t remember the last time he was in that neck of the woods. Doesn’t bear thinking about.


Roger Langridge

HotelFred “The Hotel Fred is where that musky gentleman Fred the Clown spends his lonely afternoons. Roger Langridge is the cartoonist at whose doorstep all blame ought squarely to be laid.”



Mark was one of the contributors to the rather splendid “wall” – a massive collaborative hypercomic that was originally created for the ICA as part of the Comica festival in 2003.

His bit was eventually adapted into the small press book ‘Coin‘, and good luck finding that one….


Resonance FM

Mr Stafford hasn’t been on Resonance FM in yonks, but he did put in a fair few years as a half-arsed critic on the Resonance Review show, the London Film Festival coverage, and episodes of Atomic Bark and Electric Sheep. Frankly. workload permitting he wouldn’t think twice about doing it all again. Popping up occasionally to pollute the airwaves with his ill-considered opinions. It’s not healthy.

That lapse in taste aside, Resonance FM is probably the greatest radio station you’re likely to clap you lugholes around. Where slapdash meets highbrow in an uncategorisable way, check it out.

Moose Kid Comic actually happens! And is awesome!

moose tombs of demon ra copy

A few yonks ago, kid’s cartoonin’ wunderkind (Beano/Phoenix, other things,) Jamie Smart asked around the inky community if anybody wanted to participate in a fun new comic. I, and a whole heapin’ helpin’ of talented buggers threw our hats into the ring. And it atually bloody happened, for FREE download, and is bloody marvellous. Really happy to be a part of something this fun.And be in such fine company. There are three issues of Moose Kid, and a Christmas special, and my ‘Hocus-baloney Advertisements’ are in all of them

Get it here: