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Sequential Cavalcade.

A gallery of storytelling pages In a variety of modes…

Chicken Killer a one page autobio story, hand lettered, as aare most of these examples;



The first page of Accentuate the Positive, printed in Save Our souls, a bitter satirical thing, hand lettered:

from SoS#1

Pages from Kangkangee Blues, a largely silent Korean love story :

KKG 04 copy

KKG 05 copy KKG 06 copy

KKG 07

Pages from the Hine/Stafford book Lip Hook, unlettered:

Lip Hook 09 copy Lip Hook 10 copy Lip Hook 11 copy

…And later, a five page sequence…
lip hook 94 copy Lip Hook 95 copy Lip Hook 96 copy Lip Hook 97 copy Lip hook 98 copy

The first four pages from The Bad Bad Place chapter six, unlettered:

TBBP6p01 copy

TBBP6p02 copy

TBBP6p03 copy

TBBP6p04 copy

And a bit from later:

Oooh, the mystery.

Oooh, the mystery.


Page from Matt Fitch’s Holiday of a Lifetime in Adventures in Science, hand lettered:

HOAL 01 copy


Pages from Pretty Polly in The Golden Thread Project, an adaptation of an old english folk song, hand lettered:




Two pages from David Hine’s Quin Returns in The Broken Frontier Anthology:

Copy of BFQuin page05 copy Copy of BFQuin page06 copy

Page from Clash of the Behemoths, a tale of Kaiju mayhem, as yet unpublished;


Page of Internal, a tale of stalk and slash ennui, as yet unpublished;



And a cheeky little one pager, from a series of one pagers, Down at The Old Hope In Hell, as yet unpublished:

Hope in hell-blueness copy

Graphics and such

A place to show my fitful work in designing posters and labels and programmes and so on. Usually, but not always, taken on at the behest of friends who have a brewery, a theatrical project, or musical concern…

Time Travellers Ball poster

Talk Radio poster screamer minus text version

Amber-Porter-Pump-Clip-copy1The sea promowoodbine racer copycolourwarnpeace copymadmanposter2 copymacbethbluesShots 174 cover copyNoseflier copy

For No Adequately Explored Reason

None of these have seen print, but they’re some of my favourite bits of my own illustration. Some had a purpose, spme have yet to find one. Maybe some day I’ll produce a slim volume telling the story of a fictional multimedia company/tax dodge where all these pieces would find a home, as covers of non-existent books, magazines and albums.


Any publishers reading this?


the horror

dark booze copy

the other day, upon the stair...

Don't turn around.

oceanofwoe copy

furtivecartoonist copy


9 league boots copy

RTFM copy

"Hope you enjoy our new sound"

“Hope you enjoy our new sound”



Library mural

One of the best damn gigs I’ve ever had. The library mural for the John Harvard Library in Southwark, representing graphic novels. Each panel depicts a genre within the worlds of Manga/Comics/BD etc, with a character reading about the exploits of the character in the panel before it. Being as it as for a public library there were to be no guns/knives/flagrant pornography, but other than that I was left pretty much to my own devices. Money wasn’t all that, but seeing your work five foot tall and twenty across is a blast.


HOAX; Psychosis Blues- My version

One of the best projects I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with is HOAX:Psychosis Blues, a 2014 graphic novel by the poet Ravi Thornton detailing her relationship with her troubled brother Rob,  HOAX alternated between biograhical scenes drawn by Leonardo M.Giron, and more expressionistic interpretations of Rob’s poetry, illustrated by Bryan Talbot, Hannah Berry, Karrie Fransman, Rian Hughes, Ian Jones, Roz Hathaway, Rhiana Jade, Julian Hanshaw and myself. I went to town on an early chapter dealing with Rob’s experience of institutionalalisation.

As a nice unifying touch, the poetry sections ended up being lettered in a font based on Rob’s handwriting. Along the way, however, I lettered a version myself. | thought you might like to see a few pages.

The book turned out great, well reviewed all over the shop, and I highly recommend it. You can get it from the publishers Ziggy’s Wish here: http://www.ziggyswish.com/store/p2/HOAX_Psychosis_Blues.html

Or on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/HOAX-Psychosis-Blues-Ravi-Thornton/dp/099290630X/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8