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Despite years of dedication to retaining such anonymity and impoverished financial straits as befits an artiste of his calibre, Mark’s work has encroached on the commercial realm, and is available in bookshops across our fair isle. Details of what on offer can be found on the comics page

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For the last… ooh, 10 years or so Mr Stafford has been producing tiny, finely crafted canvasses… “for the ladies”. And now, in a fit of boundless generosity, he has decided to open up this service to you, yes, you.

Just let him know what your heart desires, cross his palm with silver, and he’ll create one of these original, one off beauties, just for you.

Commission a painting here.

War – The Human Cost book out

Great anthology from Paper Tiger, with an impressive line up of cartoonists. I provided sleeve and disc art for the accompanying CD. Buy it.



The End, an electric sheep anthology book out

the End, an anthology about cinema for the end times, and such, has been published by the lovely people at Strange Attractor press. Fine collection of new writing in a good looking book, and I’m not just saying that because it’s got a couple of my illustrations in. details here;


Lovecraft Anthology book

Obviously the Lovecraft Anthology vol. one is out from Self Made Hero. Great collection of creepy tales from a fine line up. Dave Hine and meself got great notices for our ‘The Colour Out of Space” adaptation, but the book’s full of great stuff. We’re not in Volume 2, damn it, but are pencilled in for Volume 3, if and when it happens. anyhow, well worth yer money.



The Stafford shirt

Ah, the joy of being in print on cotton. Those lovely people at Comic Strip Tees have produced a fine, wearable piece of art, from my piece ‘come to daddy’, you can  get yours here:  http://www.comicstriptees.com/comic/?id=508


Cherubs!goes digital with Dark Horse, The Man Who Laughs out everywhere else

Hey Kids! Do you like looking at things but feel guilty about killing trees? well congratulations!A spiffy digital version of the Talbot/Stafford supernatural comedy apocalypse graphic novel is available here: https://digital.darkhorse.com/profile/2474.cherubs-hc/

Meanwhile, in the land of proper books with paper and all that;

Nominated for the ‘best book’ category in 2013’s British Comics Awards, My collaboration with the writer Dave Hine on Victor Hugo’s misshapen 1869 masterpice, for Self Made Hero is bloody marvelous, even if I do say so myself, and I don’t have to, because lots of other people are saying it for me.  So buy a copy.

Here’s the Self Made Hero page:


And here’s the amazon page